ViewSonic ViewPad 7 goes on sale for $600 on

Do you want an Android tablet with Froyo, a 600MHz ARM processor, and a 7-inch touchscreen? Well, we’ve got some good news for you. The ViewSonic ViewPad 7 has gone up for sale on Amazon, with a price tag of $600. It has a 7-inch, 800×480 resolution screen, rear- and front-facing cameras, 512MB of storage, and an SD card slot for some extra memory options. The ViewPad 7 is also equipped with the standard Android fare: GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth.

What makes this so different from the Galaxy Tab? Two words: voice calls. That’s right, the ViewPad 7 has the ability to make voice calls out of the box. The Tmobile version of the Galaxy Tab was hacked to do this, but wouldn’t it be nicer if it was made to do such a simple task? You can pick up a ViewPad 7 of your own right now on Amazon for just $600, which really isn’t too bad. Anyone thinking about picking one of these bad boys up?

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  1. Kevin
    November 15, 19:37 Reply

    Ah, although 3.5G, the processor is 600MHz. The Galaxy Tab is has very nice performance, I wonder how the 1/2 speed processor will feel.

    If it were cheaper than the Galaxy, then maybe.

    If it is stock Android and will in the the first wave to be upgraded to Honeycomb, then maybe.

  2. BogartOfElCajon
    November 15, 19:49 Reply

    Riddle me this Viewsonic. What makes your crap tablet better than the iPad that it made you price it like gold? And by the way, I ditch my iPhone for an Android because I like Google stuff and I’m in a market for an Android tablet. You ARE a joke!

  3. DaveC
    November 15, 20:55 Reply

    I don’t need a pad to make phone calls, and I don’t want an additional data plan. Compare the specs of this thing to the Archos 70 and then look at the price. No contest. The one thing the Viewsonic has going for it is that it’s available. The available Archos tablets sold out the first day they were available. I’ll wait.

  4. Elvis
    November 16, 01:12 Reply

    Yeah…. I dunno where they got that price from :/ the galaxy tab price is pushing it as it is IMO

  5. Darkseider
    November 16, 09:52 Reply

    What a piece of junk! The Archos 70 has a 1 Ghz OMAP 3630 and better overall specs and costs $279! Viewsonic FAILS. Hell the Elocity A7 is a Tegra 2 based 7″ tablet going for $370. Me thinks Viewsonic is pricing themselves out of contention.

  6. Chandru
    November 16, 13:22 Reply

    What is wrong with these manufacturers. I do like Apple products, but at the same time love the competition that is android as well. It has some terrific features.

    But the very competition that helped make it fierce(The hardware manufcturers) are making the whole iPad vs Android tabs competition a non-starter. How can they expect something like a calling ability beat the sheer size of the 10″ iPad?? and for that matter Galaxy tab, might look good but for $600 I would definitely expect more if I want to pick it up instead of the iPad. Cmon ppl.. give them some feedback…I want to see better products from the android lineup. I know theya re still catching up.. but these are real products on the market and nobody gets benefitted if all of the money poured into developing them goes dud.. just on Price..Duh!!

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