Android Market: Behold, The Change is Coming

I just received very interesting notification from Android Market notifying me that the developer console will be out of service Nov 18 for whole 6 hours. Now, I’ve had apps on the market for almost 2 years now and I’ve never before received notifications like this one. The only thing that I can think of – it’s gotta be something massive or at least substantial.  What will it be? New ranking system? Web-based app store? What do you think?

Here’s email in all it’s glory:

A Notification from Android Market: Planned Maintenance Outage


We’re writing to inform you about a planned service outage impacting Android Market that requires your attention.

We plan to perform maintenance on the Android Market Developer Console on Thursday 18 November 2010 from 10AM to 4PM Pacific Standard Time. During this time, there will be view-only access to the Developer Console at You will be able to view your list of applications and error reports; however, you will not be able to upload new apps or make updates to existing apps. The publish status of your applications and use of the Android Market app on phones should not be impacted.

Thanks, and we appreciate your patience while we work to improve Android Market.

The Android Market Team

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  1. anakin78z
    November 16, 21:05 Reply

    Yay outage!
    I, too, got really excited when I saw this mail. Boy, wouldn’t it be nice if we got something close to Google Analytics?

  2. Lisa
    November 16, 22:28 Reply

    BEHOLD is not the best choice of words in android world since The BEHOLD 2 is such a disappointment : /

  3. janis
    November 16, 22:58 Reply

    They’re not shutting down all access, or payment processing, just uploading. Six hours means more than one thing is getting done. Daytime means it’s labor intensive. Perhaps they’re implementing some sort of security so Market doesn’t get nasty, digitally malicious crap for sale. I’m banking on something that has to do with controls that prevent 2.2 users, big screen users, etc. from downloading stuff made for a G1. What they’ve got now isn’t terribly robust. I bet while they’re at it, they’re doing just a wee bit of inventory too. Can we get rid of all the one-star BS, please?

  4. Frammentato
    November 17, 04:15 Reply

    Among all other things i guess as they said it will be some sort of cleaning for old apps.

    “In preparation for introducing some new Market features (that we think you’ll like), we’re about to launch a re-scan of all those legacy apps, looking at their Android Manifests and updating Market’s database. This means that if you have an app that you haven’t updated since June, and it lacks up-to-date settings, it may stop being visible on certain devices.”

  5. Al
    November 17, 10:18 Reply

    This will be the on-line store promised by Eric Schmidt in his recent interview where you will be able to select an application on your PC and it will automatically load on your phone. All part of Gingerbread 2.3

  6. staciedaisy
    November 17, 10:19 Reply

    i hope a super update is coming, it’s very needed!

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