Augen Tablet Spotted in Kmart Black Friday Ad for $139.99


The Kmart Black Friday ad just landed online, and there’s but a tiny bit of Android to be had.  Remember the 7-inch Augen tablet that turned heads back in the summer?  Kmart is shaving $40 off the price to entice buyers on November 26th.  Listed as part of their Blue Fridays Deals, the Android 2.1 tablet will only set folks back $139.99 should they decide to grab one.  Proceed with caution as the device does not feature the Android Market, and the overall build quality is said to be rather “cheap”.  However, if you really must get your hands on a tablet, well… there you go.

  • Dennis

    I have one. I’d recommend spending the extra money on a tablet from any other vendor. Augen has not supported the early adopters, and has already dropped support for this device.

  • bmszabo

    Actually, I have one since a month, use it very intensive, and am very satisfied with it. Of course, it’s a geek tablet, but if you take the time you can make a very nice tablet of it!
    Advice: do not install the patch!

  • UDTSeal

    resistive screen = CRAP!!!!
    I had one and even my love of Android couldn’t get me to keep this hunk of trash.
    It honestly made Android look like a horrible OS.