Google Adds Support for Rating Places, Hotpot to Maps 4.7

Shortly after we went on the air last night for our weekly podcast, we noticed users in our chat room talking about the new 4.7 release of Google Maps.  At the time, Google had not yet updated their mobile blog with the details.  Late rwe found out what the new version offers, and as it turns out, it’s pretty nifty. Among the enhancements is a desktop widget for rating places while on the go.  It’s now much easier to post reviews and ratings on nearby places and share them with others. The benefit of sharing your opinion with others is that you’ll get tailored search results based on your tastes.  

This leads into the other feature in Maps 4.7 which is integration into the new Google Hotpot service. Find the great little hole-in-the-wall with a killer Reuben sandwich based on reviews provided by your friends!  The looks to be one of those services that gets better over time and improves with additional users.  So, if you have an Android phone with 1.6 or higher, you need to check out Maps 4.7 in the Android Market!

Sounds like we could be seeing a Google Hotpot app for Android before long.  Time for yet another check-in service.

  • Jake

    The new features might be cool, but with names like “Hotspot”, it’s going to be confusing to the average person who thinks about Wifi access point when they hear ‘hotspot”. It’s minor stuff like that causes people in the mainstream to view Android as more “techie” and not regular-folk friendly.

  • NeoteriX

    It’s “hotpot” without the S… like the Asian style of eating/cooking where you throw a bunch of things into a boiling pot of broth.

  • I’m still waiting for them to add the ‘metric distances’ feature. I don’t even know what a ‘mile’ is. Might as well measure the distance to my local pub in smoots.

  • iy

    Great update. Finally can post reviews from phone