LG Trumpets 1 Million Optimus Handsets Sold in 40 Days

LG has issued a press release today which finds the handset maker celebrating monumental sales figures. Thanks to low-cost phones like T-Mobile‘s Optimus T and Sprint‘s Optimus S, LG‘s Optimus line has crossed one million sold in 40 days.  Keeping this in perspective, the figure does count worldwide sales.  As we’ve already seen with Samsung and their respective Galaxy series, creating one device and providing  various, carrier-branded experiences looks to be working out just fine.  Things should continue to move along swimmingly for LG as Verizon drops the Vortex on us later this week.

Congratulations LG!

  • Eric

    I have the LG optimus s from sprint an it’s an incredible cell and if metropcs were to get one I would go to

  • Ernie

    metro did get one, its a 2.2 M. and my BF has one, its actually rally fast and really nice. i’d get it but i want a different fone.