Lookout Premium Hits Android Market – We Have 10 Copies to Give Away! [CONTEST]


Lookout just dropped a premium version of their super-popular security software for Android in the Market and it’s definitely worth a look.  Called Lookout Premium (duh), it adds more peace of mind with the integration of remote wiping, remote locking, and enhanced backup and restore.  In addition to simply backing up contacts, users can now do the same for photos and and call history.

The big new service getting introduced today is called Privacy Advisor.  This feature helps users understand what apps are using and requesting of them and their phone whenever they go to install a title.  Worried about sharing your location, call history, messages?  Check Privacy Advisor to see if things are on the up and up and find out what these apps are doing when you aren’t looking.

Lookout Premium includes all the these features from Lookout Free, plus:

  • Additional Security + Privacy Protection: Privacy Advisor +Remote Wipe and Remote Lock
  • Enhanced Backup & Restore: Photos and call history, in addition to contacts. Transfer data to a new phone.
  • Premium Support: Priority response to your issues and questions

Lookout Premium will is now available for all Android users for only $2.99/month or $29.99 per year.  To get a feel for how things work, give the 30-day free trial a spin by downloading it from the Android Market or through Lookout directly.


Wouldn’t you rather just win a copy of Lookout Premium?  Yeah, we thought as much.  To win one of ten free copies, simply leave a comment below with something nice to say!  We’ll let the contest run for at least two full days and then randomly draw the winners on Friday.  NOTE: Please use your actual email address when leaving a comment so we can contact you.  After 24 hours with no response, we’ll move on to the next guy/gal!


  1. Hmmm…something nice. So I was stumped and went on google and typed in ‘Something nice’ on a whim. 4th result down is ‘Hair removal by electrolysis and Light Heat Energy’. I guess that’s something nice someone lol

  2. Been using LookOut on my OG Droid since I got it! It is quite nice. I would love to take advantage of the premium features without paying the premium price! May have to break down and purchase it if I don’t win this contest. I love the Privacy Advisor feature! Can’t wait to check that out!

    Thanks, AG!

  3. This time it’s the best anti-virus app I think. You can switch off it’s components if you don’t need them, and it’s quite fast. Norton is slower and it’s just a trial. Netquin’s anti-lost feature only works for pro users. So I use this and I recommend it 🙂

  4. I’m new to Droid phones (recently converted from iPhone), but I’m loving the phone. New software recommendations are “something nice” to get from the Android guys!

  5. I use Lookout’s free version, it’s pretty sweet. I’ve even used it to find my phone in the past as well (it was between the couch cushions on silent). Handy dandy little product.

  6. Hi, Mr. Nice AndroidGuys,

    May I please win a copy? I will give you most of the credit when I show it off.

    thanks and have a nice day!

  7. I love Android Guys and I think I may just fall deeply in love with Lookout Premium… 🙂

    p.s. Thanks for the wonderful giveaways and keep up the great work!

  8. If I could marry you I would. I want to have your children, I want to grow old with you and I want to spoil you with romantic words, roses, chocolate and kisses. Please say yes (or a puppy dies).


  9. I knew the day that smartphones would need virus protection. I just didn’t know it would be so soon. I would love to check out the new Lookout Premium.

  10. I’ve been a Lookout user since they started. It’s never let me down. (and scared the pants of some unsuspecting friends when I’ve let off the got the phone to scream!)

  11. Nice website, thanks for your efforts. I like what I have seen with the free version of Lookout; winning the premium version would be awesome.

  12. Lookout is one of those apps that is good to have “just in case.” You won’t need it 99% of the time, but the one time you do you’ll be happy you have it. While there are other apps that do similar things, I think Lookout has the best UI and is easiest to use. If you’re a power user I’m sure you could use a combination of free apps and perhaps Tasker, but it’s good for one simple app. That said, I wouldn’t pay for it, but I wouldn’t say it’s a bad thing.

  13. When I got my Droid X, having had a Blackberry, I looked for an app to watch over my phone in the event it became stolen or misplaced. When you make an investment in a premium phone you want a premium app to take care of it. Lookout was definitely that app! I read many of the reviews and for the free version it was rated as one of the best. It even had antivius that many said beat out paid products. I can only image that the premium version will exceed my expectations! Oh, and I need to mention the website is laid well and easy to use. Great job guys!!!!

  14. I just picked up an Android phone and I have been using your site to help me find a footing, thank you for all of your great articles and reviews!

  15. I found y’all on Google “Listen” when I first got my Droid Incredible back in July. Being a transplanted Yankee originally from Cape Cod, MA (& a lifelong die-hard Red Sox fan! LOL!) now living in the South, the New England accent that’s peppered throughout your podcasts lured me in & made me want to keep listening to more & more podcasts almost as much as your quality content & great senses of humor did! Thank y’all for all you do to help educate the fiercely thriving Android masses & educating people like me that are still somewhat new to the Droid world! I once considered myself a strict BlackBerry girl & knew all the ins & outs of each RIM device to the extent that friends & family called me the BlackBerry Guru! LOL! But after a year or so with my Tour, I noticed the device was lagging more & more no matter what I did to free up memory. I spoke with a Verizon store clerk about upgrading but at the time, aside from the Storm which was experiencing an array of similar issues, there weren’t any devices to upgrade to, so the ever so wise Verizon clerk introduced me to Android & I was instantly seduced by it’s speed, memory and about a million other things! My main issue when my Droid Incredible arrived in the mail (after ending up at the bottom of a lengthy waiting list & waiting for what seemed to be an eternity!!!) was that I was unfamiliar with the Android platform/experience & that bothered me, having been so ridiculously familiar with my Tour, inside & out! I read the user manual that came with my Incredible (I know many who may read this will be all, “Say what?!?”, but it’s the truth! LOL!), but that didn’t help me any more than tinkering with the device myself, opening menu after menu… when I found your blog, followed by your site & widget, I began to get to know a little more about my Incredible each day & our relationship blossomed! During my initial in-depth look into my new toy, my husband of 16+ years joked that I was cheating on him with my new phone & that I looked like some kind of zombie, always walking around with a strange glow on my face from my omnipresent Droid! LOL! When I began to feel more familiar with my Droid, thanks primarily to Android Guys, my husband’s teasing slowly abated… that is until I started talking about the rumored Froyo release, up until I finally got it & played around with it! LOL! Now, as we enter the holiday season, a time spent with & celebrating the lives & love of our loved ones, we have a new addition to the family… my Incredible, & my husband is close to writing a personal letter to HTC, Android & Verizon requesting the swift expedition of Gingerbread so he won’t have to hear about it anymore! LOL! I don’t have the heart to tell him about Honeycomb just yet…*wink!* Thanks again, Android Guys, for all you do, for your senses of humor that help to make what could easily be nothing more than a bunch monotonous technological drivel & for teaching me so very much! I still have quite a ways to go, but unlike my husband, I’m eager & raring to learn each & every little thing I can about my baby… er… Droid! LOL! Happiest of Holidays, Android Guys!!! =^)

  16. I’ve been using the free version but am really interested in the picture backup feature. I don’t think its worth $30 a year though! Here’s hoping I win a free year to try it out.

  17. I have been using the free version and it is pretty good. Would love a free paid version. I also LOVE the Android Guys Site and the Podcast. Keep up the good work guys!

  18. I have used the free version for some months now. I have no complaints and would expect the paid version to perform the same way.


  19. Lookout is the first app to move security onto the Android platform at the basic user acceptance level… in other words, we know we need it (88 high risks and hacks discovered), we don’t want something complicated, and we want to be able to configure it without getting confused. Since our smartphones are an extension of our life identity, this app is a good thing. And, yes, I would greatly appreciate a premium license.

  20. I’ve been using lookout since day one and loved it so much! Nice to know if I left my phone at work or under the couch. Why its under there, I wish I knew!

  21. I like the free version, and would be willing to pay something, but the premium price seems high. I’d need to look at details of the device wipe to be entirely sure. If it requires the Lookout client, which could easily be removed, the premium’s hard to justify.

  22. You should try it. Android is becoming a bigger and bigger platform. As with all big platforms virus/malware is around the horizon. This isn’t the only threat though, losing your device is a bad thing too. When your device is lost, you can find it back easily with lookout.

  23. I’m not familiar with this app, looks like one for serious consideration since I went through the rigamarole of losing my G1 earlier this year (and all that it portended).

  24. Well, my girlfriend, whom I convinced to get one of the earlier android phones (it wasn’t easy with all the ugly phones at the time, but she settled on the samsung galaxy i7500) forgot her phone in the train last friday. Yesterday I checked on marktplaats.nl, which is the dutch ‘ebay’ and whadayaknow, someone was trying to sell her phone. I called, asked if the person had the cables and all, they replied “No”, so I decided to go over, but that I would pay a lower price.
    I met with the woman who was trying to sell the phone and asked if I could see it. I then verified my girlfriends IMEI number (from a repair sheet) with the one on the device and explained to the woman that I was going to take the phone and return it to its rightful owner; my girlfriend.

    Point being; my girl has already lost her phone ones and I can’t count on some stupid woman trying to sell it in such a stupid way again. I therefore want to give this subscription to her (also, I am a guy, I wear my phone on me and not in my purse, therefore, I shall not loose it, for I am a guy).

    (The above is a true story)

  25. AndroidGuys has always been my go to place for android info, and now you’re giving away 10 copies of Lookout Premium. I call that a win-win!

  26. Is that a Mac in the background? Interesting choice. Oh, right, something nice… Seriously though, love the site, keep up the good work.

  27. I use the free version of two phones and love it!
    I used it to find my fone when I lost it last week.
    I recommend it to anyone that has a phone.

  28. I use lookout all the time when I loose my phone in my house and I cant call it because it has no service so I go online and use the “find my phone” feature and then I find it under my but!

  29. Lookout was my first app I installed when I got my DX. I must say that it is one fine product from the Lookout Mobile Security team. I hope they continue their hard work on building this application as must have for any andriod smartphone.

  30. I just became a first-time Android owner last week. I love it! Thanks for your blog articles such as this one. Helps us newbies w/ all things Android!
    (by the way I installed the free version of Lookout, but would love the premium version). Thanks for the info. and the giveaway.

  31. I love your guys sight, and I love me some android even more. After owning all 4 generations of iPhone I have finally seen the light. I cary a Droid X, a Facinate, and just bought a captivate off ebay to replace my iPhone 4g in at&t. Free Lookout sure woukd be nice considering all the cash I have shelled out in last few weeks for all this Android goodness. Heck I’m even the proud owner off the very unimpressive Android powered logitech revu. Lets hope it gets better with time ..

  32. Me please! I won a free copy of Vlingo (great app!) before from you guys…….then it went free 😉 This would be a great replacement win! Thank you for all that you do for the Android community.

  33. I really have to say this is one of the best security apps paired along with my wavesecure app my smartphone and data are in good hands. Thanks Lookout for the best app in the market.

  34. I’ve used lookout for some time, and it is nice. The only drawback I’ve found until now is that it takes some hit on battery usage, but that is to be expected.

  35. After my wife’s Blackberry was stolen a few months ago, I caught Verizon’s Droid ad featuring Lookout and gave it a shot. I was pretty impressed with its features considering it was free, and have considered purchasing the more robust version. Of course…winning it would be all the better!

  36. Lookout is a solid product. I’ve become addicted to the “warm and fuzzy” safe notification after installing an app or an update and don’t launch until I see it.

  37. This looks like a great product to have, especially for when the upcoming ISIS payment system goes live! I’d late to not only lose my personal data with my phone, but to have people be able to buy stuff with my misplaced phone.

  38. I use my phone for everything at my business from scheduling staff to financial task to find out what’s for dinner. So when I missplaced my phone I panicked, then I remembered I had installed lookout. I went to the website clicked locate phone. Three minutes later I get a call from home at my desk. It was my wife telling me I scared her to death. Apparently my phone was under the sofa where she resting until my my phone started screaming very loudly.Lookout saved me from buying a new phone. It rocks!!

  39. Lookout has the cleanest and easiest to use interface of any app I have used to date for Android. I also like the weekly email update which is also thoughtfully designed and easy to quickly read and decipher.

  40. I would love to win a copy. I think with over 300,000 Android devices being activated a day there is a great need to prepare for hacks or other malicious things happening to your device.

  41. The first time i heard about Lookout i thought ya right anti-virus for cell phones, till my phone was running slower than usual so i gave Lookout a chance and found 30 somewhat virus/mal-ware/spy-ware. So now i feel safe with Lookout instaled on my Android…

  42. The first time i heard about Lookout i thought ya right anti-virus for cell phones, till my phone was running slower than usual so i gave Lookout a chance and found 30 somewhat virus/mal-ware/spy-ware. So now i feel safe with Lookout instaled on my Android…

  43. Pays for it self right out of the gate. Keeps my droidx and galaxy tab in line. Put the leash on those androids they can be very sneaky. Mine always seem to bolt when they sense an I4G around. Who can blame the little guy for avoiding the giants. One day it will be different.

    OPEN SOURCE ROCKS Thanks Linus.

  44. Lookout is number one when it comes to giving me pease of mine that my data is safely backed up. Now they are looking out for us even more. They have put together a terrific app, one that I will never be without one my phones.

  45. Lookout is All and more than the name Implies.. My Droid is safely protected by Lookout..
    It is a great relief to have a company that actually distributes a product that lives up to their name.. Thank you!

  46. This is brilliant. I have thefree version as just trying it out for now and am ‘well impressed’.
    Unfortunately I don’t have a credit card to buy -the full version, when will we be able to pay by debit card or PayPal? It would then score a 10! 😉

  47. Is there an application like lockout offered for computers. I would fell less vulneable knowing there is protection on the telephone and the computer. Just call me paranoid.

  48. This is the best product I have ever used of all the apps currently out !!
    I am a tech and I live on my phone and recommend this product to all my friends, what a piece of mind and sense of safety…I love it
    [email protected]

  49. there is nothng better to have that will give peace of mind on your phone. So install and relax knowing that you are in good hands with lookout!

  50. Hello, Im using the free trial app,  I like it, am now trying to upgrade to Premium but am being declined, I don’t know why! Help!

  51. DOKs  Android to Lookout Premium” I think you are very nice very handsome pretty and intelligent I really would like to get to know you better I just know we  belong together”

  52. I thought lookout premium was a waste! When I tried the trail, I was amazed because I left my nexus 7 at a gym, and I found it using lookout. I loved it’s features, but then it expired. I would love to have the premium edition.

  53. Lookout really is AMAZING. I HAD 3 different apps that promised to do the same things as lookout and Lookout was the ONLY app that did what it said.

  54. anytime we’re talking about phone security I always refer lookout., like now I’m going to use plan b to find my aunts phone. I’m sure she’ll download it.this time! Your app is great and passing the word .thanks