December 22, 2014

Lookout Premium Hits Android Market - We Have 10 Copies to Give Away! [CONTEST]

Lookout just dropped a premium version of their super-popular security software for Android in the Market and it’s definitely worth a look.  Called Lookout Premium (duh), it adds more peace of mind with the integration of remote wiping, remote locking, and enhanced backup and restore.  In addition to simply backing up contacts, users can now do the same for photos and and call history.

The big new service getting introduced today is called Privacy Advisor.  This feature helps users understand what apps are using and requesting of them and their phone whenever they go to install a title.  Worried about sharing your location, call history, messages?  Check Privacy Advisor to see if things are on the up and up and find out what these apps are doing when you aren’t looking.

Lookout Premium includes all the these features from Lookout Free, plus:

  • Additional Security + Privacy Protection: Privacy Advisor +Remote Wipe and Remote Lock
  • Enhanced Backup & Restore: Photos and call history, in addition to contacts. Transfer data to a new phone.
  • Premium Support: Priority response to your issues and questions

Lookout Premium will is now available for all Android users for only $2.99/month or $29.99 per year.  To get a feel for how things work, give the 30-day free trial a spin by downloading it from the Android Market or through Lookout directly.


Wouldn’t you rather just win a copy of Lookout Premium?  Yeah, we thought as much.  To win one of ten free copies, simply leave a comment below with something nice to say!  We’ll let the contest run for at least two full days and then randomly draw the winners on Friday.  NOTE: Please use your actual email address when leaving a comment so we can contact you.  After 24 hours with no response, we’ll move on to the next guy/gal!

  • enophiledude

    i likey the free version…would love to do the premium one

  • Jay Lean

    Our Android experience just got better! Great app to own given all the bad fuzz made against Android’s Market!!

  • http://N/A Scott Peterson

    Free stuff is almost always a great thing. Looking forward to Lookout. sp

  • Dustin

    Love how you guys keep me up to date – and this is a must have program, glad they are releasing a premium version

  • Jim

    I’ll be looking out for a free copy of Lookout Premium ;-)


  • Elroi

    lookout ROCKS! (paper, scissors)

  • Brian

    I have been using the free version and it is pretty good. Would love a free paid version. I also LOVE the Android Guys Site and the Podcast. Keep up the good work guys!

  • Robert

    Would love to win lookout rules

  • bob

    I have used the free version for some months now. I have no complaints and would expect the paid version to perform the same way.


  • Jack

    Great app, easy to use, nice UI and works!

  • ascii027

    Great Product!!

  • ANG

    a FREE copy of Lookout would be awesome!!

  • Sabio

    Lookout Premium por favor!

  • Eric Levine

    Lookout found my phone when I misplaced it!

  • droidup

    One of the 1st apps I suggest to new droid users

  • Katastrophy

    Lookout is the first app to move security onto the Android platform at the basic user acceptance level… in other words, we know we need it (88 high risks and hacks discovered), we don’t want something complicated, and we want to be able to configure it without getting confused. Since our smartphones are an extension of our life identity, this app is a good thing. And, yes, I would greatly appreciate a premium license.

  • Timothy Farr

    My wife and I both use Lookout. Great app!

  • Keith

    Androidguys is one of my favourite Android news sources. Would be nice to get a present from you guys!

  • Isaiah

    This is basically Wavesecure for 10$ more….unless I win the freebie

  • Amillio Patino

    I love lookout! Best security that’s come to android.

  • Chris Sands

    I recommend Lookout to my friends/family with Android devices.

  • Jeff R.

    I’ve been using lookout since day one and loved it so much! Nice to know if I left my phone at work or under the couch. Why its under there, I wish I knew!

  • Emil Nygaard

    Oooh ooh! Pick me! :D I’d love a free subscription! It’s an awesome app!

  • Justin Hollender

    I really like the free version. Premium would be great. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Fert

    Lookout has saved me so much heartache over lost photos when I can easily recover them from the web.

  • JAWheat411

    Sweet. I like Lookout and there is nothing like free stuff. P.S. AndroidGuys rocks.

  • Randy


  • dieseldane

    woo hoo Gimme gimme gimme.

  • Phssthpok

    I like the free version, and would be willing to pay something, but the premium price seems high. I’d need to look at details of the device wipe to be entirely sure. If it requires the Lookout client, which could easily be removed, the premium’s hard to justify.

  • Dell

    I’ll take one of those, Please!

  • ChaosKiller

    You should try it. Android is becoming a bigger and bigger platform. As with all big platforms virus/malware is around the horizon. This isn’t the only threat though, losing your device is a bad thing too. When your device is lost, you can find it back easily with lookout.

  • GB

    I’m not familiar with this app, looks like one for serious consideration since I went through the rigamarole of losing my G1 earlier this year (and all that it portended).

  • Brian

    Will Lookout backup text messages?

  • Joel M

    Great Website, Great Giveaway, Win or lose, Thanks for supporting Android the
    greatest phone OS evar!

  • roy

    Well, my girlfriend, whom I convinced to get one of the earlier android phones (it wasn’t easy with all the ugly phones at the time, but she settled on the samsung galaxy i7500) forgot her phone in the train last friday. Yesterday I checked on, which is the dutch ‘ebay’ and whadayaknow, someone was trying to sell her phone. I called, asked if the person had the cables and all, they replied “No”, so I decided to go over, but that I would pay a lower price.
    I met with the woman who was trying to sell the phone and asked if I could see it. I then verified my girlfriends IMEI number (from a repair sheet) with the one on the device and explained to the woman that I was going to take the phone and return it to its rightful owner; my girlfriend.

    Point being; my girl has already lost her phone ones and I can’t count on some stupid woman trying to sell it in such a stupid way again. I therefore want to give this subscription to her (also, I am a guy, I wear my phone on me and not in my purse, therefore, I shall not loose it, for I am a guy).

    (The above is a true story)

    • Brian F

      What did the lady say after you told her it wasn’t hers??

  • Brian F

    Woohoo! I love your site! It is one of the few blogs I pay attention to.

  • Pau

    Love the free version can’t wait to get the premium version

  • Gustav

    I would love a year’s worth of Lookout Premium!

  • Adeel

    help others in need, like u can give somebdy your mobile to make a call in some emergency

  • Tramaria

    It would be nice to win such a wonderful app, on a bad day.

  • David

    I have the free version and love it. I’ll have to check out the premium trial version. Thanks for keeping everyone up-to-date.

  • Matt

    AndroidGuys has always been my go to place for android info, and now you’re giving away 10 copies of Lookout Premium. I call that a win-win!

  • Drew

    Is that a Mac in the background? Interesting choice. Oh, right, something nice… Seriously though, love the site, keep up the good work.

  • Ancalagon

    The only thing that google haven’t done is a security tool for our beloved andorid

  • Pat

    I use the free version of two phones and love it!
    I used it to find my fone when I lost it last week.
    I recommend it to anyone that has a phone.

  • Kllrdave

    I love Lookout…I Android Evangelize it to all my noobs.

  • Alessandro James

    I use lookout all the time when I loose my phone in my house and I cant call it because it has no service so I go online and use the “find my phone” feature and then I find it under my but!

  • wolverineguy55

    I love Lookout. It gives me piece of mind. I like that it analyzes the files you download for install.

  • Tony

    Thanks for offering such a great contest prize!

  • Lee

    When my sons got android phones, I recommended Lookout to them as one of their first apps to get.