December 19, 2014

Lookout Premium Hits Android Market - We Have 10 Copies to Give Away! [CONTEST]

Lookout just dropped a premium version of their super-popular security software for Android in the Market and it’s definitely worth a look.  Called Lookout Premium (duh), it adds more peace of mind with the integration of remote wiping, remote locking, and enhanced backup and restore.  In addition to simply backing up contacts, users can now do the same for photos and and call history.

The big new service getting introduced today is called Privacy Advisor.  This feature helps users understand what apps are using and requesting of them and their phone whenever they go to install a title.  Worried about sharing your location, call history, messages?  Check Privacy Advisor to see if things are on the up and up and find out what these apps are doing when you aren’t looking.

Lookout Premium includes all the these features from Lookout Free, plus:

  • Additional Security + Privacy Protection: Privacy Advisor +Remote Wipe and Remote Lock
  • Enhanced Backup & Restore: Photos and call history, in addition to contacts. Transfer data to a new phone.
  • Premium Support: Priority response to your issues and questions

Lookout Premium will is now available for all Android users for only $2.99/month or $29.99 per year.  To get a feel for how things work, give the 30-day free trial a spin by downloading it from the Android Market or through Lookout directly.


Wouldn’t you rather just win a copy of Lookout Premium?  Yeah, we thought as much.  To win one of ten free copies, simply leave a comment below with something nice to say!  We’ll let the contest run for at least two full days and then randomly draw the winners on Friday.  NOTE: Please use your actual email address when leaving a comment so we can contact you.  After 24 hours with no response, we’ll move on to the next guy/gal!

  • cloudmatt

    I’m up for free goodies. My N1 loves new apps.

  • Georg Goersch

    I think that is a nice app!

  • Bhavik

    One of the must have apps…. let it come through to my N1 :)

  • Nelson Linares

    Lookout was my first app I installed when I got my DX. I must say that it is one fine product from the Lookout Mobile Security team. I hope they continue their hard work on building this application as must have for any andriod smartphone.

  • Aaron Jones

    I can use a free copy of Lookout!

  • Andrew Ensley

    Great app. I love the free version. Premium would be really nice.

  • Feno

    I want my free copy :D

  • Hoder Jensen

    Sure looks like a nice app/service.

  • Seba

    Hey I will love to have one… here in my country phone stealing is a little bit too frecuent haha, see u!

  • Kent

    Woot bring on the Free stuff i would like to try this look out stuff any way looks good.

  • Rani Amit Bar-On

    Lookout is a great app. I don’t think I can manage without it. Please let me have 1 copy.


  • Don

    Lookout premium would be sweet, and Android gets better and better!

  • Austin Clark

    I love Lookout. Got it on both of my phones and recommend it to any friend or coworker that gets an Android phone.

  • vin li

    New to Android.happy with Anfroid phpne.
    Excited about new Android apps.
    Look forward to new technological

  • sturmen

    Security is important, especially with all the super secret stuff I do on my phone.

  • R. England

    I just became a first-time Android owner last week. I love it! Thanks for your blog articles such as this one. Helps us newbies w/ all things Android!
    (by the way I installed the free version of Lookout, but would love the premium version). Thanks for the info. and the giveaway.

  • Russell Davey

    I have been using the free version for several months now, its head and shoulders above the other offerings out there!

    • Andy Hernandez

      This app is amazing works great on my G2 never have had a problem.
      Can’t wait to use Premium soon.

  • Lee Nightingale

    I would love this as i’ve had lookout for years and is a very good app to have

  • Steven Austin

    I love your guys sight, and I love me some android even more. After owning all 4 generations of iPhone I have finally seen the light. I cary a Droid X, a Facinate, and just bought a captivate off ebay to replace my iPhone 4g in at&t. Free Lookout sure woukd be nice considering all the cash I have shelled out in last few weeks for all this Android goodness. Heck I’m even the proud owner off the very unimpressive Android powered logitech revu. Lets hope it gets better with time ..

  • Chuck

    Me please! I won a free copy of Vlingo (great app!) before from you guys…….then it went free ;) This would be a great replacement win! Thank you for all that you do for the Android community.

  • sofia

    Yo quiero :)

  • Bill

    I use the free version. What a great product!

  • Betty

    Love Lookout. I read AndroidGuys everyday.

  • Patanjali Vatnal

    If I have something to LOOKOUT 1st on Android Market, then it is LOOKOUT :)

  • Xavier

    Tried the search for Miss Device and my Nexus is screaming like an angry cat!!
    Awesome app to locate lost mobile phone.

  • Luis Cortes

    I really have to say this is one of the best security apps paired along with my wavesecure app my smartphone and data are in good hands. Thanks Lookout for the best app in the market.

  • jenny ritchie

    I would love to try this!

  • Jose Bernardo

    I’ve used lookout for some time, and it is nice. The only drawback I’ve found until now is that it takes some hit on battery usage, but that is to be expected.

  • Bikram

    Hi, how are you guys?

  • Brian Kenney

    After my wife’s Blackberry was stolen a few months ago, I caught Verizon’s Droid ad featuring Lookout and gave it a shot. I was pretty impressed with its features considering it was free, and have considered purchasing the more robust version. Of course…winning it would be all the better!

  • aivarzs

    Looks like nice app.

  • Todd

    Lookout is the leading app in Android security.

  • A.V.

    The weater is great !

    (Lookout is also great… been using lookout free for quite some time now)

  • behelit

    Looks interesting.

  • Phil Stevens

    This is something I have been looking for. Fingers crossed

  • DCLocal

    Android Guys ROCKS! I read you’re feed every morning. Of love a sub to Lookout. :)

  • T-Man

    Good and easy to understand user interface but a little bit of a battery-eater on my HTC Hero.

  • maedox

    Lookout works great. A premium license would be cool.

  • David Cribbs

    Sounds great!

  • dessa

    Lookout is a solid product. I’ve become addicted to the “warm and fuzzy” safe notification after installing an app or an update and don’t launch until I see it.

  • Matt

    DO NOT INSTALL!!! Corrupted my phone had to reset, lost everything. Verizon said this app causes tons of problems!!!

  • http://n/a David

    I think that is a nice app!

  • rmculver

    I always look forward to your droid app vs droid app reviews

  • J

    I love Lookout! Had it first on my BB Storm and now on my Droid X. Also helps when your wife breaks her phone every month.

  • kevy kev

    this app is the cats pajamas

  • sww001

    That is a very good app for Android.
    That would be nice to win. :-)

  • Rainy Boy

    Please make a Samsung Galaxy S Captivate user happy! Pick me! Pick me!

  • David

    androidguys ftw

  • Adrian Romanelli

    This looks like a great product to have, especially for when the upcoming ISIS payment system goes live! I’d late to not only lose my personal data with my phone, but to have people be able to buy stuff with my misplaced phone.

    • Adrian Romanelli

      *hate not late

  • Pat

    I love Lookout and I love androidguys!