Sprint’s ‘Lights’ TV Commercial Brings Holiday Awkwardness [VIDEO]


If you haven’t been watching TV lately, Sprint‘s recent television commercials have been providing bite sized, 30-second clips of awkward situations worthy of The Office.  Touting their rate plans and features, the ads don’t mention any specific phone, rather they focus on the carrier’s unlimited text, web & calling option.  The latest addition, Lights, might be the funniest, and perhaps saddest yet.  Watch as an unnamed protagonist gets blasted with not-so-cheery news by his neighbor, Marty.  Be sure to check out Sprint‘s previous ads in the same series: Injury and Restaurant.

  • Jim

    Anybody else recognize the “for reals player” actor from the FedEx commercial?! He got a couple of great gigs!

  • Mike in the 517

    These commercials suck. Marty is a total douche stain. Why the hell would anybody want to associate with him? Why the hell would this make anyone want to go with Sprint gear?

  • Adam

    I’m with you, Mike. Every time I see this commercial I want to see some awful fate befall Marty and his stupid phone. If the guy with the lights is Clark Griswold, Marty is the horrendous yuppie living next door who eventually gets decked in the face by his wife. Too bad we don’t get the satisfaction of seeing that in this ad.

  • Phil

    You guys take things way too seriously. I personally thought it was hilarious. Everyone needs to take sarcasm lessons and learn how to take a joke every once in awhile.

  • Joshua

    Phil’s right. The commercial is nothing short of hilarious. Maybe you old farts shouldn’t take things so seriously and enjoy humor for a change. The fact that he is being a douche about the lights is irrelevant. The commercial is funny and me and my friends laugh every time we see it. So maybe you are the ones being the uptight douches.

  • Maybe you old farts shouldn’t take things so seriously and enjoy humor for a change.