A Look into New Android Market Details

Developers logging into the Android Market developer console today will be greeted with new options.  As mentioned last night, the Android Market is going to see a little read-only time tomorrow while new features are implemented.  Looking at the console, there are three additions to help developers get extra exposure, discovery, and more.  Reading the tea leaves, we get the sense that a full web experience is coming with the possibility of a tablet-optimized Market.

  • Hi Resolution Application Icon: 512w x 512h 24 bit PNG or JPEG (no alpha)
  • Feature Graphic: 1024w x 500h 24 bit PNG or JPEG (no alpha) Will be downsized to mini or micro
  • Promotional Video: Enter YouTube URL

I’ve long said that the ability to hotlink a YouTube video would be a huge step in discovery of apps, leading to more downloads and ,potentially, less returns.  Are there apps you would have passed on were you able to see a walkthrough or description video ahead of time?

  • Wow, this all looks awesome. Video linking is a huge help. I can see this being very useful not just for promotion, but also to give insights into apps… Walkthroughs of how to get started, etc.

  • intuitit

    I bet the official web interface is coming

    That’s where they are going to put that high-res icon and video promo in

    • intuitit

      and feature graphic, smells like something to be put on the front page