An Early Look at Winamp for Android’s SHOUTcast Integration

Music is one of the major ways on how we define ourselves.  Many of us carry around our MP3 player, along with our smartphone.  With larger SD cards, we’ve started to save our music on there, and move to one device, but let’s be honest, we still get sick of the same playlist over and over.  Streaming radio has definitely become a solution, but apps like Pandora are only available in the US, and only certain phones offer FM radio, so Winamp has found a solution with SHOUTcast.  According to downloadsquad, there are over 44,000 different stations available to stream from your phone, and once you listen to one often enough, it can be added to your favorites.

Winamp beta has been available in the Market for some time, but this is an actual (Alpha) build, and it is looking pretty legit.  Of course, being new, it is not flawless, but an incredibly steady build.  Give it a shot, if for nothing else, to get some new music in your library, and stop listening to the same old songs!

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  • rottingroom

    You can have access to shoutcast on your phone without using Winamp. Try xiialive. It’s ! good looking app and you can refrain from changing your stock music playe since its just for shoutcast.

    • Pax

      I agree. I have the paid version and it is rock solid.

  • Link to alpha please.