Motorola Confirms 2.1 for the Cliq and Backflip

For those of you using the Motorola Cliq or the Backflip, we have some great news for you!  Motorola is confirming that Android 2.1 is now officially available.  Now, you can enjoy the goodies that come with Eclair like the Navigation of Google Maps (my personal favorite.)  Motorola released this info today on their facebook page giving a link on how to download the new update. They are also giving a disclaimer about the benefits and potential drawbacks of downloading on the page.

What do you say Cliq and Backflip owners?  You gonna download this today or do you really love cupcakes that much?

  • They STILL can’t do geotagging of photos, despite the fact that as of Android 2.0, it takes a whopping 6 lines of code to do so. If Motorola Mobility doesn’t just say “Here’s your dang update, now shut up and go away”, disowning the “CLIQ™ with MOTOBLUR™” henceforth, maybe they’ll fix it in a followup bugfix update.

    Otherwise, it seems to more or less work. Since I had to buy a MyTouch 3G Slide (with 2.1, supposedly soon to get Android 2.2) to get get working geotagging, use of twitter and other “1.6 or later” applications, and various other things that I needed and had no confidence of ever getting from the update – and not being sure Motorola would ever finish doing whatever butchery of stock Android they wanted to cram their “MOTOBLUR™” crud into it (not that I’m bitter about all this or anything…)…Dang, I’ve ranted myself off track. Where was I?

    Oh, yes. Once the update was available for download, I downloaded and installed it. It still doesn’t do one of the things the phone was advertised as doing (geotagging photos), but seems functional, and some of the aesthetic changes are kind of nice. I don’t have extensive experience with it personally, though, since I gave it to my wife to replace her well-used and now slightly injured G1. If you’re still a CLIQ™ victim, I’d say the update is probably worth it. Be aware that you may need to do a “factory reset” after installing the update, and then reinstall your applications (but in the process perhaps some of them will be improved now that you don’t have to find the crippled “for Android 1.5” versions of them), and the phone may be somewhat slow for up to several hours after the initial update while it does whatever secret things in the background MOTOBLUR™ does to synchronise itself with Motorola Mobility’s servers. After that, it looks like it’s at least acceptable to use, though.

    • chris

      Epicanis: typing on a stock backflip w/ 2.1 and the stock camera app has a setting for geotagging pictures.

    • Tanika

      The Motorola update 2.1 is garbage!! It drains your battery life like crazy & it displays your battery power lower than what it really is, whereas it could be 50% after 3 hours of charge but it would say 0%. Call your carrier and ask about the issues they have been having with it before you download!!! I have T-Mobile and they still cant fix the problem.

  • JaylanPHNX

    My CliqXT has always geotagged photos. The Cliq and Backflip can’t?

  • ElaiinRoxsz

    WhatsUp ! Is the Cliq XT ever going to get updated to 2.1 this month !