Source: HTC Knight is HTC EVO 4G Shift

Engadget is reporting this morning that the phone pegged with a codename of HTC Knight is set to become the EVO 4G Shift.  Readers may recall HTC filing for the trademark, indicating Sprint‘s next 4G handset is nearing release.  The phone is being described as a smaller EVO 4G with a sliding QWERTY.  Sounds an awful lot like the HTC Mecha/Incredible HD headed for Verizon to us, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  Engadget’s tipster does say that the front-facing camera is not expected on the device at this point, although the tech blog does suggest it could get added back in ahead of launch.

  • Scott

    I think you meant that this phone sounds a lot like the HTC Merge coming to Verizon, not the Mecha/Incredible HD, which is an EVO-like phone without the slider.