GAMEVIL Details Short Term Android Plans

GAMEVIL, makers of popular Android games like Soccer Superstars and ZENONIA, shot out a quick email this afternoon to address their short term plans for each platform.  We’ll go ahead and skip the junk for you and get right down to Android.

The developers are currently hard at work on Baseball Superstars 2011 and expect it to surface in late December.  The same can be said for ZENONIA 2 which should also arrive before the new year.  As far as distribution goes, GAMEVIL plans to service their games through Verizon‘s V CAST Apps store.  If I may interject here, I’d like to personally ask that they do not make the games exclusive to Verizon.  There’s an awful lot of folks who could be left off of the table should they go that route.

  • Theweakend

    I was going to buy ZENONIA 2 but if they don’t want me to then screw them I’ll just have to get it by a less pricey means.

  • I wonder if these games will ever compete with the likes of Nintendo, xbox and playstation.

  • Scott

    Unfortunately for them, if they release it only on Verizon they will be losing a lot of revenue as people who want to play the games will get it by “other” means

  • Turbosol

    According to them they aren’t making games exclusive, please check their twitter posts.