MMO Game ‘Pocket Legends’ Hits Android and We Help Give Away a Limited Edition Android Outfit

After exiting a short, but busy (125k downloads), beta period which lasted all of a week, popular 3D MMO game Pocket Legends is now official for Android. It’s now possible for Android users all over the world to get their quest on and play with and against their iPhone/iPad counterparts. More specifically, Android 2.1 users with phones that support OpenGL ES 1.1 can enjoy the game. The game is free to download and play, but there are the occasional in-game purchases to help the developers offset their time and efforts.

Check out the video after the break for a look at how Spacetime Studios spreads a little Android love around the Pocket Legends universe.

“We see this as a significant milestone for Spacetime, Pocket Legends, and the game industry as a whole,” says Gary Gattis, CEO, Spacetime Studios. “Pocket Legends for Android gives MMO fans the opportunity to join iOS players in exploring Alterra, a world filled with quests, townes, dungeons and much, much more. The reception on the Android Marketplace has been overwhelmingly positive.”


Pretty sweet little Android outfit, right?  Well how would you like to win that for yourself?  We, along with a few other Android sites, are helping to give away twelve of these limited edition Android guys for Pocket Legends.  How do you win?  Dude, it’s so easy… all you have to do is leave a comment in this post!  We’ll let this run through midnight Friday (EST) and notify the winner via email.

Make sure to use your real email address so we can contact you after the drawing!

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  1. Chahk
    November 18, 14:57 Reply

    NOT first.

    j/k. Downloading the game as I type this.

  2. Kendal
    November 18, 14:58 Reply

    Love that little Android character… rock on!

  3. Scott Eppler
    November 18, 15:00 Reply

    I tried out this game the other day. It’s really quite well made. Also, would love a free outfit to represent Android :)

  4. Gibsonclan
    November 18, 15:01 Reply

    Would love the Android Outift, PUUUUUUUULEASE :-)

  5. Christopher
    November 18, 15:01 Reply

    I played this on my old iPhone but like it a lot better on my new EVO.

  6. Isaiah
    November 18, 15:03 Reply

    Dude I want that costume!!

  7. Blink
    November 18, 15:11 Reply

    Love the game. Andy in it would be awesome!

  8. Steve F
    November 18, 15:12 Reply

    I would like to win. That is all.

  9. geeknik
    November 18, 15:18 Reply

    I am so going to win this outfit! =)

  10. Steven Severt
    November 18, 15:25 Reply

    Looks like tons-o-fun! I think I’ll download today…I totally want the little Android guy!

  11. Ashley Esqueda
    November 18, 15:31 Reply

    Since I’m a huge fan of Gary Gattis and the fine folks over at Spacetime, I’ll download this and tell everyone I know about it.

    Radical! (Also I want a costume!)

  12. Jenton
    November 18, 15:34 Reply

    I would LOVE the android costume!

  13. Dave
    November 18, 15:35 Reply

    I want to be an Android! Hook me up with some costume goodness.

  14. Jose
    November 18, 15:38 Reply

    i really hope this is for real cause if not im going to be real mad lol i want an android outfit =-(

  15. Mysticdrew
    November 18, 15:38 Reply

    Pwnage ingame!

    Seriously though, game is awesome fun time waster when on break at work.

  16. Ido
    November 18, 15:42 Reply

    oh, me! me! love the game

  17. Tyler
    November 18, 15:44 Reply

    Seems like a pretty fun game.

  18. jakewoodblues
    November 18, 15:46 Reply

    I would like to have that little android guy…..suhweet!

  19. Jeff Fuentes
    November 18, 15:46 Reply

    This has been a very surprising game for me I was never into WoW but this lured me right in simply because it was rather easy to pick up and play I havent stopped playing since it was launched

  20. Robert Craig
    November 18, 15:48 Reply

    I avoided WoW for so long for the same reason I never tried crack or heroin. Well, still no WoW for me, but Pocket Legends is definitely my new drug of choice.

    There is something about having to depend on other actual people in a battle, as opposed to slugging your way through a dungeon alone. Most excellent fun!

  21. Domino Doug
    November 18, 15:52 Reply seems to be down at the moment. Hopefully it comes back up. Would love to try this as I am a long-time WoW player.

  22. omo
    November 18, 15:57 Reply

    I love me some freemium evercrack clone.

  23. andyc
    November 18, 16:07 Reply

    Nice freebie. Please sign me up!

  24. Ivan
    November 18, 16:14 Reply

    I want little Andy!

  25. Brandon P
    November 18, 16:15 Reply

    Id love to walk around as Andy the Android!

  26. fotogeek
    November 18, 16:15 Reply

    This is just what I need, another addiction to kill my EVO battery. Off to download.

  27. Jared
    November 18, 16:21 Reply

    Please pick me. If you pick me, all of your wildest dreams will come true.

  28. Gary
    November 18, 16:21 Reply

    Gotta have the suit!

  29. P.Schmitz
    November 18, 16:40 Reply

    I love Andy and Pocket Legends, hook me up! please

  30. Bo
    November 18, 16:44 Reply


  31. neevz
    November 18, 16:57 Reply

    if i win the suit, all of your wildest dreams will come true…

  32. Jeff
    November 18, 17:18 Reply

    I just downloaded this game and it is very cool for a game like this to run on Android! I need to find a wall socket to recharge soon.. LOL!

  33. ChaosKiller
    November 18, 17:42 Reply

    I love the game, would love to get the limited edition character 😀

  34. eloist
    November 18, 17:44 Reply

    Is that Android suit Tier 11????? It has to be at least Tier 10.

    I WANT!!!

  35. The360King
    November 18, 17:45 Reply

    This looks pretty interesting. I’ll give it a try. Maybe this is something I can play with my younger sisters who just got android phones, and my buddy in FL.

  36. Matt
    November 18, 18:09 Reply

    I require an Android costume!

  37. Lindy
    November 18, 18:54 Reply

    After leaving the world of RIM/BlackBerry & coming to the world of Android this past summer when I got my Droid Incredible, I’ve become the BIGGEST Droid geek/nerd/promoter out of my entire family & friends, even those with their own Droids, so winning this would give them all a new reason to make fun of me & would be freakin hysterical! LOL!

  38. Morpherios
    November 18, 19:32 Reply

    Here’s hoping the comment fairy blesses this post with an android outfit!

  39. Chuck
    November 18, 21:09 Reply

    All these contest!! You guys are getting bigger and better everyday!! Android outfit please.

  40. Pat
    November 18, 21:22 Reply

    me me please! 😀 I’ve been refreshing twitter all day and I still can’t even get the antlers >_<

  41. Beem
    November 18, 21:30 Reply

    I want andy character!!!!

  42. Whikky
    November 18, 21:57 Reply

    I’ve given this alot of thought. And I’ve decided that, yes, I accept your gift of Andy the Android Robot.

  43. Dan
    November 18, 23:31 Reply

    I would love to get one!!

  44. Scmo
    November 18, 23:37 Reply

    Never has any app killed my battery so much and I love it more and more. This game rocks and I dare say this wins best game ever. I may never touch angry birds again.

  45. Aydenn
    November 19, 00:28 Reply

    Dudes that game looks most ballin’

  46. jason
    November 19, 00:43 Reply

    This game rocks, hope i win the outfit for my char :)

  47. Chris
    November 19, 02:31 Reply

    I love this game’s style. It’s the perfect mix of what everybody was looking for in an mmo. The android outfit is just the perfect push for any pocket mmo fanatic!

  48. drunkenpunky
    November 19, 02:34 Reply

    Awwwwwww. The android outfit is soooo cute… WANT!…… WANT NOW!

  49. pdab
    November 19, 02:39 Reply

    dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want that epic outfit!!!!!!!!!!!! O_O PLEASE FATE!! LET ME WIN!???!!! XDDDD (fingers crossed!)

  50. Uer Maum
    November 19, 03:14 Reply

    You must hand over the Andy suit. Now. Thankyou ;D

  51. elmuSSo
    November 19, 04:31 Reply

    Count me in! It would be great to play as the best character ever! Andy! Andy!

  52. Chris
    November 19, 05:10 Reply

    Would love to win this. Cheers.

  53. Erich
    November 19, 06:39 Reply

    omg thats amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Jade
    November 19, 06:39 Reply

    woah, play as an android?!?!??!?! sweeeetness!!!!

  55. Omgak
    November 19, 07:50 Reply

    so far i’m loving pocket legends, it’s a fun addicting game

  56. kdroid
    November 19, 09:17 Reply

    Wow a lot of comments :)
    Android For the Win :)

  57. kdroid
    November 19, 09:23 Reply

    Pleaaaaaaaase pleaaaaaaaaaase I Will do anything…. I will give birth to your children.
    and make some pancakes…. pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase

  58. Paul
    November 19, 10:31 Reply

    Ive been trying to win this every since it started. I hope I win one!

  59. Michael
    November 19, 11:18 Reply

    I’ll comment, have tried the game, really like it, but it kills the battery on the X10, although the battery life sucks without doing any gaming, etc.

    P.S. Still waiting to hear from Tether.

  60. Nathan
    November 19, 11:25 Reply

    thanks for having this contest! can’t wait to play as andy!

  61. Ray
    November 19, 11:37 Reply

    LOL I just downloaded this and convinced my wife to download it too. I hope I win so I can show off my droid to her… FACE!!

  62. Jirie
    November 19, 11:42 Reply

    I love that little Andy! Gotta have him on my vibrant.

  63. Richard
    November 19, 14:20 Reply

    I would totally pwn with andy as a character

  64. Almus
    November 19, 16:44 Reply

    The game is actually pretty good :)

  65. SBT
    November 19, 18:45 Reply

    Beep Bop Boop!

  66. tehgeek
    November 19, 20:52 Reply

    Nice outfit, would love to win it. 😀

  67. Feno
    November 19, 22:20 Reply

    I’ll install the game if I win

  68. James
    November 20, 01:32 Reply

    So much better on an Evo than my old iphone. Great job on the game port SpaceTime.

  69. devul
    November 22, 17:51 Reply

    Just what I needed- another way to get absolutely no work done!

  70. Evan
    November 23, 08:27 Reply

    Only lvl22 so far, but this game is addictive! Great for wasting time while watching the little one while she plays with her barbies =]

  71. Rick
    November 25, 11:02 Reply

    YAY! ‘cept I can’t find a way to buy plat cuz the store website won’t open on my phone…

  72. Linda Stuart
    January 15, 10:11 Reply

    i swear this is the best game i ever played im addicted i have 8 characters and their awesome!

  73. kaleb
    January 26, 18:41 Reply

    Plz give it to me I just got the evo and I would love to have the Android costume to show to my friends

  74. Kyle
    February 02, 00:14 Reply

    That’s pretty sweet. Finally, the Android users can have a shot at the amazing iphone title!

  75. Dave
    February 19, 12:29 Reply

    Looks great but can’t get it to download :(

  76. Faduamin
    March 05, 06:19 Reply

    Some body Are maglihli . maghhili mens malay

  77. Fadilamin
    March 05, 06:22 Reply

    ok here is maly , ഞാന്‍ ഫതില്‍ ആമീന് ഓകേ

  78. James Tate
    April 06, 06:18 Reply

    Best game ever. Awesomeness, James,

  79. Jordan Hernandez30
    June 13, 04:03 Reply

    I love pocket legend and I really want to be a android character and if I win this contest I will tell all my friends about pocket legends and then they will play so please make me a android please

  80. Jordan Hernandez30
    June 13, 04:03 Reply

    I love pocket legend and I really want to be a android character and if I win this contest I will tell all my friends about pocket legends and then they will play so please make me a android please

  81. Nathanszpak
    June 14, 00:52 Reply

    Please let me be an android my friend won one for thanks giving one and if I win I’ll tell all my friends about PL so please let me be an android. The androids also look so cool

  82. Jordan Hernandez30
    June 16, 02:31 Reply

    I love pocket legend and I really want to be a android character and if I win this contest I will tell all my friends about pocket legends and then they will play so please make me a android please

  83. xsuspectx
    July 29, 05:30 Reply

    Let mr win please I wanna get the droif it looks cool I see a lot of people looking cool and all I got is the cloths they gave me when I starded the game I think this game is very cool

  84. Adchavers88
    August 04, 21:24 Reply

    Yea,yea..ur just another game on the block..i think I like that 3d space game better.

  85. Mindstar_tara
    October 05, 15:28 Reply

    wow this was like forever a go but I still like pocket legends ☺

  86. Yad ArefYad2001
    January 21, 07:08 Reply

    I realy like to get an android guy. Pocket legend is my best game ever.b

  87. Pao_encisa
    February 23, 04:22 Reply

    please make me an android i really love this game when i win i will tell it to my friends and they will play this game they will love it (thanks) love u

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    March 13, 22:24 Reply

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