Nokia Continues to Say ‘No’ to Android

What do you do when you think the ship you are navigating is sinking? Do you go down with the ship like the guys on the Titantic, or do you look for a life raft? Well, despite all the warning signs that Nokia has been receiving over the past 2 years, they are going to stick with their sinking ship, Symbian. Okay, to be fair they will not just be using Symbian, they will also be using MeeGo. Symbian has been the worlds leading OS for a long time, but recently has been feeling pressure coming from the new kid on the bock, Android. Android has been in phones for 3 years now and has all but taken over the top spot from Symbian.

IMG Credit: Wikipedia
Share of 2010 Q2 smartphone sales to end users by operating system, according to Gartner. IMG Credit: Wikipedia

So Symbian is a dying OS, and everyone knows it, even Nokia skipped over Symbian to use MeeGo on their high-end N series of phones. So what is the problem with MeeGo and why should Nokia have chosen to leave MeeGo in the dust and hop on board the Android express? Well its simple, the Android Market.

Okay, now I know at first glance that might sound ridiculous, but its true. There will never again be a smartphone without some sort of app store attached to it, heck pretty soon there won’t even be a feature phone without one. So it becomes a game of where do the developers want to go. Sure the Android market has problems, lots of problems, but do you know what else it has, lots of users. Currently Nokia has the OVI store, which is nothing to write home about. Really no phones have an App store that is much to care about except the Android Market, and Apple’s App Store. In my opinion this was the biggest reason the Palm Pre/Pixi never took off either. Developers want to go where the platform is easy to work on, and where there are the most potential downloads. Android has both, and I have a hard time seeing a 3rd or 4th app market having any success.

Nokia should just look at Motorala to see what Android can do for a company. Motorola used the Android platform to get off the mat and get their legs back underneath them again. Well they have done so, and then some. Motorola reported a net profit of 109 million dollars in the third quarter compared with 12 million dollars a year ago. Or look at the success that a little company like HTC has seen with Android by its side. HTC recently announced it expects fourth-quarter revenue to more than double to 100 billion New Taiwan dollars (US$3.27 billion) from NT$41 billion a year earlier. But no, Nokia is determined to see this ship sink all the way to the bottom.

Via [The Wall Street Journal] [MeMyselfAndroid]

  • mkl

    Iit’s a little early to be saying “has all but taken over the top spot from Symbian”, isn’t it? The graph is still showing Sybian 50% higher than Android.

    We all know it’s going to happen, and probably not that far away. But the statement is a little premature.

    • Cotillion

      Actually the statement fits perfectly. People tend to not actually read that statement and understand it. It says “All but taken over the top spot” meaning, its done everything there is to do, the only thing left to do is take the top spot”. The momentum will continue to carry it forward we all know it, the perfect statement is “all but”.

  • I disagree here. Nokia should keep working on MeeGo and it seems like a pretty good OS if you ask me.

    If it wasn’t for Android, iOS wouldn’t have “multi-tasking” right now (even if it is a half-assed ability to fast switch apps and not real multi-tasking).

    If it wasn’t for iOS, Android wouldn’t have the ability to…. ehmm… ok, forget it, you know what I mean…

    Competition is good, it brings innovation.

  • sansenoy

    Nokia embracing android would spell disaster for all of us waiting for a proper open-source linux mobile device, which android isn’t (still love my HTC Desire though). Really hoping MeeGo rises to the challenge, I’m fed up with Google…

  • Theweakend

    I used to love nokia and the n900 but android is just better it’s as simple as that. If nokia doesn’t relize that soon they’ll go the way of palm. Speaking of which if they wanted to stay relavent they should have bought webOS.

  • AT33

    You obviously have no idea about the mobile market. Motorolla’s phone unit will go bankrupt in 2011 at the latest 2012. Samsung will continue to focus on their own OS, BADA and do some Androids on the side till they have BADA up to respectable standards and drop Android. HTC will be bought out.. remains to be seen. People who buy android really want an iPhone but they either can’t due to carrier or the iPhone is out of their budget. Nokia is the biggest phone maker in the world period. They are not a sinking ship, they increase their sales every quarter! What are you talking about? Just because some phone manufacturers have decided to put Android on their phones only means that they had no answer for Nokia and lost out, so now they are trying something different to stay afloat. All manufacturers using Android now are losers who lost to Nokia in the past (Moto, SE, Samsung, LG, HTC) They will lose again.

    • wapkaplit

      People who buy Android really want an iPhone? You clown.

    • Oliver

      I have to agree with Wapkatlit that argument is rubbish. I chose Android because it has better hardware, software and flexibility (all in my honest opinion)

      • mkl

        +1. I could easily have bought either. I CHOSE Android.

    • zeo

      Your comment in is off in general but this sentence, “Just because some phone manufacturers have decided to put Android on their phones only means that they had no answer for Nokia and lost out,” is really off. Companies didn’t adopt Android to compete against Nokia, they did it to compete against Apple. Symbian did quite well when it didn’t have much competition, but when the iPhone was released it quickly started taking market share from Nokia, and this was before the phone was even officially available in Europe. Every single company you named basically made feature phones or a WinMo phone and every one of these were destroyed by the iPhone. Symbian and Nokia are iPhone casualties, not Android.

    • BrandoHD

      U are living in some fantasy world, wake up QUICK, i’m not saying Nokia should adopt android, but I would rush to get a nokia with android on it, and that comment about android ppl cant afford an iphone i bought my android phone and gave away my iphone, one of the best gadget decisions i’ve made

    • Xandroid

      If anyone doesn’t know what they are talking about it’s you… I have owned both the iphone and i now have the Droid X, i will say that the iphone knows quality but lacks features and the “open OS” factor. Meego itself doesn’t look bad but once you bring android and iOS into the picture, it really doesn’t stand a chance for too long. Nokia seems to be in a long sleep and doesnt want to wake and realize that the rest of the world is more tech. I personally want my phone to do more than just call. I want my phone to be able to open any webpage, no matter what it runs on. i also want to be able to import media from any computer without having to sign into itunes. I want to be able to call from my cell without worrying how to hold it. I want my phone to be able to open and download any content i want (even if it is bad for my phone, i have the choice).

      In short Android is the best OS out there and probably will stay in first place for a long while, unless apple stops being stupid.

      P.S. I want to see what happens when high quality Android Tablets start coming out (with Android OS 3.0+)

      Xandroid Out___——————————————————

    • Want an iphone? Get a bar of soap for this boys mouth. Check back in one year to see Android and Motorola getting better!

    • Icon

      AT33 you obviously have no idea what you are talking about. You are prolly some way affiliated with Nokia, hence the defensive nature of your post. First of all, people who use Android don’t want an iPhone, I can guarantee you that. I am currently with Verizon (Droid X), and when big red gets the crapple product, I will NOT buy it. People use Android cause it can simply do more then the iPhone. Why even bring up budgets? The high end Android phones are the same price with a contract as the iPhone. Also monthly cost is going to be about the same. In terms of Motorola’s phone division going out of business, hahahaha, I’m not even going to glorify that comment with an answer. What you said about Samsung could be true, but I honestly don’t ever see them dropping Android completely. Honestly that is a shame, cause I hate Samsung, and I know there are a lot of Galaxy S users saying the same thing right now. HTC being bought out is absolutely ridiculous. Out of all the Manufacturers that use Android for their devices, HTC is the most successful. Who is going to buy them? That’s right you can’t give me an answer, cause you are talking out of your a$$. Nokia used to be the most popular handset manufacturer, and Symbian used to be the most widely used OS. Nokia will lose out in the end of they don’t adopt Android, and Symbian’s days are numbered. MeeGo…HAHA…good luck with that. It’s like Microsoft and WindowsPhone7. Its a nice OS (still needs some work), but they are a little late to the game. MeeGo may be a nice, but again, it’s a little too late. Also keep in mind that Android isn’t just going to stay in the wirless industry. There are cars, appliances, and even some houses that will be integrated with future versions of Android. This is an Android world, suck it up and accept it, or you will fall with your Nokia N900

    • Cotillion

      Wow the animosity mixed with the fanboyism and Nostradamus-like predictions really make this one hell of a comment. Where do you get your information, wizard? I’m curious…

      Seriously though, if anyone doesn’t know how the mobile market works its you. Nokia’s OS has been selling so well because Nokia sells a lot of phones. They’re a big giant ass company, they attach their OS to their phones, they sell their phones and that moves their OS. We’re slowly moving into an era where people are looking at a certain OS on their phone before they look at the brand name. They’re also going to be looking at apps because that’s what the TV tells them they want. In that world, Nokia is going to slowly lose its footing. Its sort of like one company holding a technology and once the rest of the world gets a hold of it and spreads it around that one company begins to shrink.

      We’re looking at this on an OS vs OS perspective not a manufacturer vs manufacturer and right now its looking like Google is about to surpass Nokia’s preferred OS, that’s it. Does that mean Nokia is going to lose all of a sudden? Hardly, it’ll be a while if ever before their phone sales start to plummet. If they were to embrace Android though, they’d still be selling tons of phones, they’d just be shipping with a different OS. The article isn’t about Nokia the manufacturer, its about an operating system, sweep the cloudiness from your eyes before you go on another fanboy rant.

    • IKEMAN

      whoa sure there are cheap handsets with android but do you know which have all the sales? Droid X, droid 2, HTC EVO, Galaxy S series (esp epic) and the list goes on all of which are priced at more than the iphone. AND sprint and verizons plans are a tad more expensive so switching to at&t wouldnt be an issue either.

  • Oh! (may be you have mistaken). You posted the facts and figures of Q2 of year 2010, and now this is Q4.
    Please come with the latest figures.

    • Cotillion

      Q4 isn’t over yet. In Q3 Symbian slipped another percentage and Android grew a bit more.

  • Oliver

    Great article, but Android had been in (publicly released) phones for only 2 years not 3 as the article states. The Open Handset Alliance was founded 3 years ago.

    Also is a bit bit anti-android (AT33) Chill out man 🙂 However I do agree that this author has counted his chickens before they have hatched if you get what I mean…2 years is nothing in this business

    • Oliver

      I apologise for the spelling mistakes

  • over

    This is over dramatic.

    • Wizz

      AT33 is one of the most ignorant apple fan boys there seem to be….
      And, believe me, there’s loads.

      I think Android is great… but Meego has awesome potential
      If it uses Ovi and continues building upwards from there

  • over
  • Stan

    I would not use an Apple product if it was given to me. I am glad Apple exist, so that people who require apple-esque type products have what they need and don’t cause other mfgs to reduce their products to the lowest common denominator to accomodate them and can focus on powerful products that others need and want.

  • Bob

    I’m a current Android user and a huge fan but I find Meego to be incredibly interesting: REAL open source, Qt development and interface, a bonafide Linux distribution, etc. Also thanks to HTML 5, platform wars won’t matter nearly as much in a few years. Lastly more choice and competition is better for us all.

  • Nokia

    Rubbish article. Symbian phones have a greater market share and will continue to have. I use an android phone but my symbian n97 is not that bad.

  • counsel

    You could just as easily say that all those companies could do well wuth meego as well. Most current OSs can do more than most users require…

  • eigentor

    Actually MeeGo is exiting and hopefully will put some pressure on Google to try and make Android more open and less googly.

    Handset makers adopt Android because they can make a dollar. I guess it is that simple. And they can concentrate to put candy on top of the cake and are allowed to customize the UI so they can say “Samsung UI is better than stock Android”. I guess they love that, and as much as it is a drag to us users concerting updates, it often enhances Usability especially for non-geeky Persons who else might not consider Android.

    Well, personally I love stock Android, but looking to the Galaxy pad I see it as a good thing Samsung worked heavily to make is easier to use.

    So yeah, MeeGo, go! A third competitor can only do good, and as e.G. HTC are also releasing WinMo7 and other OS Phones they will be sure to also release MeeGo Phones once it is ready.

    But Intel and Nokia might have some trouble promoting their system because Android is an easier choice for Manufacturers at the moment as it is available and proven to be profitable.

    Also they might not trust Nokia and Intel as these are really big players that are often playing dirty for market dominance, so though MeeGo might be a lot more open than Android, we will see how fast it gets to a level when it is worth for manufacturers to build upon in (instead of promoting their own platform like Bada or stuff).

  • Alatar

    Some false affirmations in the article.
    First, MeeGo may have a bright future, with Nokia, Intel and now AMD supporting it. It is a powerful Linux-based OS, using cutting edge technologies (BTRFS, plans for Wayland,…).
    Plus it does have apps, tons of them. It can open Android apps, so maybe Google will let them use the Android Market. It has the OVI store, although it is a meager offering, that will make OVI programmers create Linux-compatible programs. And it does have access to Linux repositories, which have, well, lots of apps… So I won’t say MeeGo “has no apps”, as you said

  • Mark

    Oh dear.

    Given that Nokia have no presence in the US market which accounts for approx 45% of all Android’s sales (9 million out of 20 million) how do you think the position looks across the regional markets?

    Let’s have some perspective, shall we?

  • Wandile Tembe

    I feel sory for WimMo I ise to be a fan. But I think as you sad it Nokia will never give up its app store. You should see the way they are promoting it in South Africa.

  • LastWatcher

    Geeks, this is very simple.

    Android==Linux, iPhone=OSX. Seriously, where is the argument here?

    I’m gonna pick osx and windows over linux anyday. As for google linux….lololololololololololololololol. No thanks, but I do love their email and search….so guess im a google & apple fanboy.


    Help wanted!
    Droid geeks who know or are willing to learn Objective C. We can’t pay cash, but we got lots of women over this side too.

    iPhone == more pu$$y