Rovio Promises ‘Lightweight’ Version of Angry Birds


As popular as Angry Birds has become on Android one would think everybody under the son has downloaded and enjoyed the hot little time waster.  Sadly, the game could be doing much better for itself, considering all of the phones which cannot properly play the instant classic.  Rovio understands this and has taken to their blog to highlight the issue and set the table for what lies ahead.  

Look for a ‘lightweight’ version of Angry Birds to arrive before too long which should be playable on “lower end devices”.  This is not to say the game will be missing features or levels, but rather it will be optimized for less processing power.  Rovio lists handsets which are not officially supported yet and it’s actually a mixed bag of old and new.  If your phone is on the list, sit patiently and you’ll be happy.

Source: MeMyselfAndroid


      • It seams that was easier to ignore when they did that for Macs. Maybe because everyone knew that Macs would never get much more than 10% of sales? Apple fans buy new phones when they want new features. It is hypocritical for them to pretend that they have it better.

  1. I would much rather see an add-free version. I’d gladly paid to loose the ads.
    On my HTC Legend they really slow down game play to the extent that some levels are near unbearably laggy.
    I love the game but those ads ruin a pretty big part of the overall experience.

  2. Unfortunately, the developer highlighted a lingering problem with Android. Here’s to hoping Android takes up the Windows Phone 7 model: high-end phones with manufacturer customization in the form of an application.

    How many people like TouchWiz, Blur, and Sense these days, anyway? Not many.