October 22, 2014

Sprint's Epic Movie Contest Winners are All Types of Epic [10 VIDEOS]

The ten finalists are in for Sprint’s Epic Movie Contest and they are a mixed bag of epic epic-ness.    Each of these winners have received a finalist prize and are now in the running for a $25,000 Grand Prize and as determined by Michael Bay. Looking through the clips, some are very polished and even look as if Mr. Bay himself had done some work on them.  If I had to pick one overall winner, it would probably be Epic Hot Dog.  Why?  Because it’s total Hollywood cliche with slow-mo doves, sweat, explosions, helicopters, an overwhelmed beauty, and more.  Oh, and then there’s that burp.

Watch the clips below and then leave a comment as to which is your favorite.  Who deserves the $25,000 most?

Epic Hot Dog

Epic Guitar Girl

Epic Evil Laugh

Epic Escape

Epic Bomb Scene

Epic Poem

Epic Robot

Epic “Action”

Epic Face-Off

Epic Dropped Call