EVO 4G Makes Cameo on Latest Episode of Fringe

Android is becoming quite the Hollywood starlet these days as handsets keep popping up on television shows.  The latest episode of Fringe had a bit part played by our lovely Sprint beauty, the EVO 4G.  We didn’t catch the show yet,  but we’re told that the “ringing scene was quite long and was pretty cool to see the little android man.”  When is it not cool to see the Android man?

Has your Android phone been spotted in film or television yet?

Thanks for the screen Dogan!

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  1. robalog
    November 19, 14:15 Reply

    I believe Tony in NCIS walked in talking on an EVO a few episodes back.

  2. Tyler
    November 19, 14:51 Reply

    Peter had an EVO in last week’s episode of Fringe as well. I thought that was pretty awesome.

  3. Ernie
    November 20, 02:27 Reply

    What does it say on the phone? it had a message on there. not just “accept call”

  4. gant77
    December 17, 00:45 Reply

    On the last episode they used the front facing cameras for video chat. I love Fringe!

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