HURRY! DROID Phones Available for a Measly 1¢ on Amazon

EDIT: We realized after we published that the deal was that the phones start at a penny.  The Droid Pro was actually higher with a $99 price tag.  Apologies for the error.

Time for your daily dose of deals. If anyone has not pounced on previous opportunities to own a new DROID branded Android device, now is the time.  Amazon is currently offering DROID phones for as low as one penny (with a two-year contract, of course.) That means that you can get the slim DROID Incredible, the fast DROID X, the keyboard-equipped DROID 2, or the DROID PRO (geared toward enterprise users), for next to nothing. Not to mention, as usual with Amazon phone sales, free two day shipping is included.

However, if you don’t like getting your phone shipped to you, and want to grab it yourself, Best Buy has you covered, as they are offering the DROID PRO for $99 with a new two-year contract.

Source: AmazonWireless, Phandroid

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  1. theodopolis13
    November 19, 21:18 Reply

    when i add the droid x to my cart to see the price, it’s $99.

  2. theodopolis13
    November 19, 21:20 Reply

    in fact, none of them show up for a penny. they range from $49 to $149.

  3. Ron H in Schenectady
    November 21, 08:49 Reply

    Actually, I just got my Droid Pro for 1 penny and free shipping from Amazon wireless. It’ll be funny to see the actual charge of just one cent on my credit card!

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