Maintenance Release Hitting Sprint Hero

We figured we’d better head this one off as early as possible.  Those of you with a Sprint Hero are able to check for a software update today. If you haven’t already made that part of your daily habit, you can go to Settings > About Phone > System Updates > HTC Software Update > Check Now. Sorry, but it’s not Gingerbread.  Much like the over-the-air update that hit the Nexus One last night and today, this is just a maintenance release.  In fact, one of the three features isn’t even for you, it’s for Sprint to help diagnose the phone.

Get your phone updated to the latest release, nonetheless, with HTC Hero Maintenance Release 2.32.651.2.

Thanks to Simon Belmont for the tip!

  • Gubser

    Thanks for the update– but I do think it’s humorous that you didn’t even picture a Sprint Hero for this post!

    • Chris

      Droid Eris all the way! jk

  • Deb

    Gingerbread? LOL! How about Froyo? So glad I ditched Sense for CM6! I’m actually shocked that there are any kind of updates for the Hero. Sprint/HTC gave up on it months ago.

    • JoeW

      Same here…I ditched Sprint/Sense two months ago and am running CM6. It’s stable, “snappy,” and everything works! When is the last time you heard someone say their Hero runs snappy? Oh yes: running Froyo is great!

  • Simon Belmont

    Thanks for posting my tip. You guys react quickly!

    This is a good update, though I wonder if it will break the ability to root again. I am pretty sure someone will bake it into a ROM soon enough for all rooters to enjoy!

  • Andydroid

    Curious, as of 6:00 pm Nov 19, 2010 this update is NOT available on my HTC Hero; nor is it available when I check my account at Sprint online. My Hero reports “You already have the latest update”.