Minor Update Hits Nexus One

We received a handful of emails last night from folks who had picked up an over-the-air update to their Nexus One handsets.  Excited and anxious that it might be Gingerbread-related, we were asked if we knew what it was all about.  At the time, we didn’t have an answer to share.  This morning, however, we’ve learned it’s a minor update created to address a few issues.

The guys at XDA developers are saying the 1.83MB file is to fix the following:

  • Updates to the core and framework JARs
  • Updates to the Dalvik VM and Webcore libraries
  • Updates to the Email, Google Services Framework and Market packages.
  • A couple of other very minor patches

We wish it were better news for you all.

  • Ashkan

    I updated and lost root but I then I was able to root with SuperOneClick I have the vesion 1.5.1 latest one is 1.5.5. I didn’t trun off the debugging as it says in the first post here http://goo.gl/HIbN I just ran is and valla!! I was running the FRG83 rooted with the same method and no custom recovery.