Qualcomm’s New Dual-Core Chipset Promises 5X Performance, 75% Less Power Consumption

The next generation of Qualcomm processing prowess will bring two oft-desired features to an Android phone near you.  How would you like five times the performance and 75-percent less power consumption as compared to the original Snapdragon processor?  I know, right?   The dual-core Qualcomm MSM8960 measures only 28nm and features all the requisite Android goodies: WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth and FM radio. Additional details include multi-mode LTE / 3G modem, and four times the graphic performance on board. Read more about the chip that plenty will be talking about in 2011 at EE Times.

Via: Androinica

  • Lan

    Personally I’m really tired of smartphones improving in all areas except for the most important. When will they release a smartphone that can be used heavily for a good few days on a single charge? It is great if this phone can achieve 75% power saving with 5x performance but I would gladly settle for now increase in performance to have say 95% power saving. Does a phone really need to be dual core with 5x power? Seems OTT.

  • Drew

    Well… I have to say Lan, that this is definitely an improvement and they have to start somewhere! For myself, I’d much rather just have my CALLPOD UNO with me in my car “just in case” rather than have a phone the size of my shoes so that they can accommodate a bigger battery.

  • Drew

    Oh, for anyone who is interested the fuel tank can be found here: http://www.callpod.com/
    It’s awesome! It’s got about enough juice for 2 phone charges, its small and light weight, and it come with a free adapter.

  • Lila Truck

    I would check this quote, “Qualcomm MSM8960 measures only 28nm” I think what you mean is that the chip is designed using 28 nm transistor size. A chip that actually measured only 28 nm would be way too small to see.

  • Elvis

    Yes it does! I’m all for improving technology in ALL ways! And personally I think it’s pretty narrow minded to want advancement on just one field instead of all around

  • Will

    Increasing performance and reducing power consumption happen together.
    75% less power is a huge amount, it seems unreasonable to want more and right now.

    Also, I think the theory is that the more powerful a cpu is, the less time it spends working on a task and so the less power it uses to do the same task.

    I agree that it is narrow minded to only want things to evolve in one way.
    You want to hold back progress because it seems OTT? Our current hardware would seem OTT to a few years ago but only because the systems were designed for older hardware. When given more powerful hardware, new systems can be designed to use it to it’s full potential.

  • JohnB

    If it was possible to come up with much longer lasting batteries by now, someone would have built it already. I’m sure whoever comes up with the new battery technology with 50% more capacity will become rich very quickly!

    It is probably a tough challenge, more so than squeezing better performance out of processors.

    Oh and here’s some additional info on MSM8960: http://bit.ly/aFSS1D

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