Xperia X10 Gets Custom ROM With Stock Froyo [UPDATE]

This might be the perfect moments to sit down and sigh: “Finally…” After almost half a year of ridiculing Sony Ericsson for its hard-to-crack bootloader and speculating and dreaming about custom ROMs for the Xperia X10, it’s finally here. Some heroes on XDA have managed to port stock Froyo on the Xperia X10. That’s right folks, Froyo. It’s still in a pre-alpha status and quite buggy at times, but at least it boots and has a whole lot of functions that do work. We’ve taken the essential information out of the XDA-topic, for more details, head over to XDA.

Here’s an overview of what it can and can’t do:

2.1 Eclair:

-ROM flashable into device
-Power management
-G sensor
-adb enabled at boot (usefull for debuging)
-3G data connection
-Video playback (RockPlayer included)
-Audio player (RockPlayer included/download PowerAMP from market)

Not working
-Video playback
-Phone dial out loop
-BW camera
-Codec’s are messed up

2.2 Froyo:

Known problems:

  • no Audio playback (voice calls work)
  • no native Video playback (RockPlayer works)
  • camera – not implemented yet
  • random reboots (identified – WIP)
  • random lags (identified – WIP)
  • slight radio issue – voice calls – sometimes (1 out of 25-30 for me) both you and the other person sound like a chipmunk (identified – WIP)

And here’s what the developer says about it:

Xperia X10 Froyo 2.2.1 rom is a fresh and clean build of latest AOSP, without any custom modifications. The first release (alpha build) is not fully suitable as a main operating system, but still pretty ok for most of the tasks. The alpha build is compiled with engineering and debug flags, so please don’t expect it to be fast or stable. It definitely will lag and crash every now and then. The main reason of releasing it is to gather as much end-user feedback as we can. Most of the issues are already addressed and being worked on (as described below), so I’m expecting BETA version to come in several days.

The BETA version will be flashable into your X10’s flash memory and ready to be used as main (and only) system. For now, I feel like dual booting is the way to go (and hope you like the idea).

Dual boot:

Press any key during the boot process (right after “Sony Ericsson” text logo) to boot into 2.1 ROM. Otherwise it will boot into 2.2 Custom Rom.
There is a plan to prepare boot menu, this would allow us to multiboot (number of ROMs only limited by SD Card capacity)

Assuming you’re screaming and jumping around in your room right now, here’s how to install the ROM.

Please note the Froyo build is an alpha release, if you want a more stable release, we highly recommend the Eclair release.


  1. Download the ROM-package.
  2. Unrar it.
  3. Ensure that you have ADB debugging enabled on phone
  4. Run install.bat on pc and wait for it to finish then follow onscreen instructions
  5. Enjoy your rom
  6. Flash any time shipped 2.1 rom for waranty

SHIPPED X10i_2_0_A_0_504_GLOBAL…_x10i.rar.html



This ROM is still in (pre-)alpha phase. nor the developer is responsible for bricking your phone, it’s all on your own risk.


  • 1GB of free space on SD Card
  • Phone needs to be rooted with busybox installed
1. Download the rom package
2. Unpack it to the root (main folder) of your SD Card
3. Connect your phone in USB Debugging mode
4. Open ADB shell, switch to root user (SU)
5. Issue the command:
dd if=/sdcard/install of=/data/install && chmod 777 /data/install && ./data/install

6. Reboot when installation is finished
7. Enjoy


Source: XDA


We accidentally put the Eclair release online, if you want the Froyo release, which is way more unstable by the way, it’s fixed. The Eclair release will stay available as well, but it has a different and easier install method.

The differences between the two versions have also been highlighted.

  • Zero

    yeah finally, i hope this go like god wants.

  • Disinto

    Whah, that’s nice. It means that it’s time to get some cheap used X10 from pissed off users now that it’s possible to flash em with a decent Android version 😀

  • Chris

    Will this be usable on the x10 mini?

  • Maxx

    HI i dont get this….4. Open ADB shell, switch to root user (SU)
    5. Issue the command: open adb on pc or phone and switch to root ?????.
    could you help me with this? my x10 is rooted but im affraid i dont understand this.

    thank you

    • Thijs Koot

      On your PC. Assuming you can´t flash your phone while it´s still switched on 😉

      • Maxx

        ok……but is only opening the run command thing and i cant do anything .

        • Are you familiar with ADB?

          • Maxx

            in not shure

  • Maxx

    i dont get it…………..

  • Maxx

    i have the rom on my sd card as it says.
    the phone is rooted, the busybox is on,
    open adb shell?????????????

  • Maxx

    issue that command where? on the android terminal emulator or where?
    with the phone conected to the laptop? or not conected?
    too many questions …..hehe

    • I’ll write a little article about ADB. There’s just way to much people who don’t know how to use it.

  • Romel Doshi

    Dear Android Pros’,

    It is wonderful to know that there are people like you in various parts of the world who are really doing their best to provide x10 users things beyond what a common man would understand (For e.g. ME).

    I have owned an x10 for the last 4 months now and I just recently got the 2.1 update. I am still trying to explore 2.1 and here I have 2.2.1 Froyo which is beginning to acquire place in market.

    I would love to be a part of the feedback process which will enable you developers to re-work on the issues faced. I have a request which follows below;

    I havent used ROM till date. I have a rooted phone with busy box installed. All the applications developed for rooted phones works perfectly fine. I would request someone to provide with a stepwise procedure which would be understandable to a larger mass of people. I am sure there are a lot of us here who dont understand technical language.

    Please do help! Key notes on benefits of using a ROM would also be appreciated 😀

    In hope of not getting banned from this forum.

  • Maxx

    so i cant have it………..ok.
    anyway thank you for your time

    • There has an article been posted about ADB, it makes this article a lot more understandable. So you can 😉

  • Maxx

    ok……..i figure it out
    the problem is that after i issue the command it says : cannot open for read:no such file or directory

    maybe you could tell me what may be the problem

  • Sahandroid

    If you are an average user, I suggest that you wait until this ROM gets fixed. This is not even in Alpha state. If you still are curious and do not give a damn about my pre-cautions, I kindly refer you to XDA-developers, where it all goes down 😉

    Sent from my X10 with 2.2 Vanilla

  • Maxx

    i have it installed but it only comes up with some 2.1 custom rom.
    as you sayd i should wait for something that actualy works
    thank you anyway

  • lol

    Its working in xperia x10 mini pro
    please write a mail [email protected]

    • Colin

      Are you sure that it is working on xperia x10 mini pro ???

  • Download link to froyo rom seem not work.