Cox Isn’t Just Cable Anymore, Adds Android to Repertoire

Cable company Cox is breaking into the wireless business and is currently offering cellular service in select regions. Cox’s business plan is based around the user, offering great customer service and competitive  prices on bundle packages of cable, internet and phone service.  A new part of their customer focus is offering Android smart phones!  Cox will is gearing up to sell plans that start at $39.99 a month that include free mobile-to-mobile calling between Cox cellphones and landline phones.

Kicking things off will be HTC Desire and Motorola Milestone but things will expand and evolve based on customer demand.  Although coverage is not widespread at this point with, available in select locations, the nation’s third largest cable company can make big moves if they need to or have the desire.

Google Inc.’s Android operating system will be available on the smartphones that Cox offers, including the HTC Desire, Motorola Milestone and LG Axis. Cox will expand and refine its handset selection based on customer demand.

My guess is that Cox wants to “test the waters” a bit before diving head first into the smart phone racket. Not wanting to risk 3rd place in the cable industry but still wanting to expand their services.

One great thing I noticed that cell phone carriers lack that Cox provides is the refund of unused minutes. Oh Yes! Every unused minute gets you 5¢ back, up to $20.00 a month off your bill.   Cox will be using Sprints 3G network while their own network is being constructed.  Previous reports around the web suggest Cox may be in the works building their own phone handsets. It will be interesting to see where this goes; Will Cox stand a chance against Verizon, Sprint, AT&T in the wireless game? Or are they too late?

  • yes. Cox is definetely helpful.

  • Magoo

    I think it’s great that there is another serious contender in the wireless market. Cox is a very big company. I read that they are the 17th largest private employer in the United States. They probably have a lot of money to put into their new wireless venture. This can only be good for the average consumer to have another choice.

  • Joel V

    I think that is cool that Cox cable is coming out with their own cell phone service. I think that it would be a cool service. Hopefully it is taken care of better than the actual cable service. I am not sure that they are going to have any special features that come with the phones other than they would need an app that can control the DVR. Of course they do have one but it doesn’t come close to the DISH Remote Access app. I am a DISH Network subscriber/employee and I can say that even though Cox may have the right idea in a phone service, they would still have the TV to attend to, and odds are that it wont really work out.