Leaked: Galaxy S Successor Gets Firmware Update.

On Friday, November 19th a firmware update was leaked by a Samsung insider relating to the GT-I9200,  also rumored to be the Galaxy S2. The firmware is being looked over by many by now especially those at XDA-Developers.  At this time it’s not exactly known what the firmware contains other than FM radio support, Bluetooth, and a variant of the RFS file system seen in the first Galaxy S.

GT-I9200XXJP2 firmware Download Here

So far, this whole deal consists mostly of rumors and speculations. One thing that is confirmed is that the GT-I9200 is a real Samsung device. Previous reports of the rumored device post some impressive specs.

The rumored specs to the GT-I9200 aka Galaxy S2:

Is this the Galaxy S2

  • 2Ghz processor
  • 4.3in Super AMOLED 720p display
  • 4GB ROM / 32GB microSD
  • 1080p HD Video recording
  • Running Android 3.0 “Honeycomb”

No release date has been set but most likely this phone will not see the light of day until 1st quarter of 2011. We will keep you posted with any new developments here at AndroidGuys. Developers you tell us whats in the update. Honeycomb? Gingerbread? Any goodies? Let us know.

Go to XDA for developments with the leaked firmware.

*Note- The Nexus S is rumored to have the model number GT-19020 is the GT-19200 the Galaxy S2 or the Nexus Successor???

  • John

    It doesn’t seem to be gingerbread…

    The image file seems corrupt, as it cannot be fully extracted…

    See all images + audio files extracted from the firmware image @


    It seems to contain linux a well as some android parts….. confusing….

  • Galen20K

    I really think its kind of soon for a Galaxy S 2, the first ones are still very much fresh in people’s minds and are still VERY relevant phones.

    • EggoEspada

      Yes, but it doesn’t hurt to start working on it. I can tell you right now Apple has started working on the iPhone 5 after they would finish examining the issues with the iP4. Just because its in the works, doesn’t mean it’ll launch anytime soon. The Galaxy S has been around for a very long time till it was finally released.

    • Need A Phone

      @ Galen20K…I don’t think it is too soon, look how the Droids have come out one right after another. If Samsung sits too long on the success of the Galaxy S, somebody else will take their place. I for one am ready for another phone, but but here is my minimum specs:
      – dual core
      – front facing camera
      – HSPA+, WIMAX, LTE…got to be fast
      – 4 in screen, preferably 4.3
      – super high resolution screen
      – 16 GB internal/external slot
      – 2 GB ROM
      I can easily accept more but these are my minimum, Motorola, LG and HTC are ready to pump these phones out probably right around the Xmas rush, so if Samsung is not on the ball, they are going to be left behind

  • Sitati

    lol @ those specs.. well, we’re all allowed to dream 🙂

  • Todd

    What I want in my next phone is pure Android with a front-facing camera. And more hardwired storage, so I don’t have to worry about running out of room for apps.

    Does the T-Mobile Galaxy S have a front facing camera? The guy at the store told me there appears to be a hole for one, but it’s not enabled. I assumed some of the parts were used for a version of the phone that did have a camera.

    • killi

      NO T-mobile’s galaxy s(vibrant) doesn’t have a front-facing camera but it is fairly easy to install check xda vibrant development sections for thorough instructions

  • Kris

    Not too soon at all. They wait any longer- they will no longer be on top.

    Their phone will be outdated by Q1 2011- releasing a successor then would be smart.

  • Chris

    OH NO!! Not the RFS file system… PLEASE SAMSUNG do NOT use that! its utter SH!T. Forget it, if the phone has a cheap GPS or a RFS file system forget it. It will be utter trash! here they are with a chance to redeem themselves and no, they arrogantly stick two fingers up. Someone needs to sort the CEO for not stopping this.

    RFS file system hell. yea root your phone lose your warranty and do Samsung work for them… oh this is sick stuff.. http://briefmobile.com/developers-work-on-galaxy-s-io-problems