Could Rubin Drop Gingerbread on December 6th?

Gingerbread? It's still baking.

With the rumored Gingerbread drop date come and gone without any tasty little pastry men coming to light, speculation has once again started as to exactly when Gingerbread will release.  With Eric Schmidt telling the world that it will be a “few weeks” during a recent interview, we have been looking for a date in which Google will announce the latest version of it’s Android operating system.

Looking at upcoming events, we happened to notice that Andy Rubin, creator of Android, is speaking at the D: Dive into Mobile conference on December 6th.  Rubin will be the opening interview. Could Rubin drop Gingerbread or news of the impending release during the interview?

Now there has been no rumblings or rumors, and we certainly are not trying to start one with this article, but the date of December 6th might fall into line with some sort of announcement or drop on Gingerbread.

Of course, it can be safely assumed that the announcement of Gingerbread will be coupled with the drop of the Nexus S device we saw Schmidt carrying during the Web 2.0 Summit.  So if there is going to be something at the D: Dive in to Mobile event, it would probably involve the new developer handset.

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  1. Sid
    November 22, 15:54 Reply

    Cmon Google! Release the gingerbread update already! What’s the holdup?!

  2. Zero
    November 22, 16:09 Reply

    the F word

    i was waiting the release this week.

  3. chuck
    November 22, 17:02 Reply

    a friend of mine just dropped by, and his nexus one started downloading 2.3 as we both watched, astonished. some 40 mins ago.

  4. Elvis
    November 22, 17:32 Reply

    I want nexus s on Verizon :””'(

  5. Noah
    November 22, 19:07 Reply

    I like how Rubin will be at D: Dive Into Mobile and my current build number ends with D! FRG83D

  6. Don
    November 22, 20:16 Reply

    This is getting old. I’ve learned to just wait.

  7. Spencer
    November 23, 18:08 Reply

    That’s only the announcement, then we have to do the anticipation and waiting. Especially people with custom uis

  8. kommentz
    December 03, 14:38 Reply

    Sweet, so maybe around 2015 carriers will actually use it. And I will be very surprised if it is really much better than 2.2 because even with better hardware, 2.2 on a 1 Ghz still pales in comparison to an iPhone 3GS on half the hardware. And it’s xmas and STILL no real competition to the iPad. Does Gingerbread boost the total screen resolution finally so we can see some iPad competition? Doubt it.

  9. scoch
    December 03, 15:14 Reply

    @ kommentz gimme your Nexus One (got one?) and I’ll give you my 3gs.

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