Samsung Reporting 600,000 Tabs Sold Worldwide in First Month

Color us impressed.  The Korea Herald is reporting that Samsung has released it’s sales figures for the newly released Galaxy Tab, and they are impressive.  600, 000 units have been sold worldwide, with supply in most areas not keeping up with demand.

With Samsung shooting for 1 million units sold in this quarter on the Tab, this is a great start.  Now, of course, we have to compare these numbers to the iPad launch, which has sold 7.5 million units since it’s launch last April. The iPad sold more than 1 million in the first month, so 600,00 is a pretty strong showing, and an indicator that the tablet market has plenty of demand to be met for the holiday season.

Android Guys has a couple of these beauties in hand for review, which we will be posting video of in the coming weeks.  Planning on getting a Tab?  Let us know in the comments.

  • samsung is growing fast within last 8 years.

  • Scott slc

    I’m one of the 600,000 and love it. I take out everywhere and couldn’t imagine lugging a bulky ipad. Don’t get me wrong, I like the ipad it’s just that if i wanted something that big I’d take my laptop.