Verizon Reminds us They Offer NFL Mobile [VIDEO]

Did you know that we’re already over halfway through the NFL season?  Oh you did.  Okay then.  Well, did you know that Verizon offers NFL Mobile so you can keep up with anything and everything as it pertains to the game of pigskin?  Oh… you didn’t?  Well, here’s a new Verizon clip to help you remember the app which offers real-time scoring updates, injury reports, trades, and Red Zone alerts.

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  1. Tyler
    November 23, 02:27 Reply

    Seriously? You mean we’re only halfway done with the football crap? I dunno if I can take much more.

  2. Shivs
    November 23, 03:06 Reply

    Seriously, I love NFL football, but another $10 on top off the data plan is just to much. All Verizon does is nickel and dime you to death. Enough is enough!

  3. longhairbilly
    November 23, 07:09 Reply

    Anyone try the free weekend last week? Video quality is horrible and it freezes constantly. Directv’s app is not much better. Think I’ll get a Slingbox for Christmas.

  4. Timothy
    November 23, 09:30 Reply

    It’s a waste. There are constant connectivity problems and the app crashes 1 out of 2 launches. I haven’t been able to even connect to video in over month. There’s a generic message to “try later.” I had to get my money back for the service from Verizon. (Yes I did un-install and reinstall twice).

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