Co-Pilot Live Discounts Android App For the Holiday



Despite the iPhone nature of the above video, Co-Pilot Live is a GPS alternative for you Android device that you may need to take a look at.  As Android users, we already have a great GPS solution with Google Maps built into our handsets, but Maps is dependent on always having a network signal to drive the map info.  Simply put, the map info is not installed on your handset, but on Google’s servers so you can access to info quickly as you move.  Traditional GPS units store all their map info internally, which allows you to always have your map info wherever you go.  Co-Pilot Live makes your Android handset behave more like a traditional GPS, by installing almost 1.5 GB of map info to your handset.

With a download of that size, this app is certainly not for lower end Android handsets.  I am in the process of trying the app out on a Samsung Vibrant, and will let you know what I think on our AGTN Droid-cast in a week.  The app right now is only $2.99 in the Android Market, so you really can’t go wrong to try it out.  Let us know in the comments what you think.


    • Jumped the gun. T-Mobile has started throttling down at 5GB starting Oct 16 2010 or so. 🙁

      Time to start conserving data…more stuff on WiFi..more stuff preloaded offline (GPS).

  1. i think i will stay with google maps as cheaper and also greatest app for android imho and it will get better

    i guarantee that as they are always working on updates



  2. Be really careful guys.. Copilot comes with horrible drm, which deactivates on a regular basis, and their support is crap (3 weeks plus). Ended up having to go to google for a refund.

    Would suggest any other soft than copilot, just because of drm. Actual soft is very good.