Developers: Pontiflex Advertising Can Boost Ad Revenue

Pontiflex, a startup advertising tech provider based out of Brooklyn, recently announced that they will offer new, opt-in advertising services for app developers.  Pontiflex‘s in-app ad offering is a multi-ad display page that pops up and gives users a 100% optional choice of ads. Therefore, a user can choose one of three ads displayed or choose the “no thanks” button and resume activity in the app or game.  The secret sauce comes in the form of a tested optimization algorithm:  Pontiflex’s AppLeads automatically refreshes ads within the apps with brands that yield the maximum possible revenue for the app developer.  In other words, it displays the most popular ads people find interesting and have opted-in to.

In my opinion, targeted advertising is the new wave in the app monetization world. Be honest, you know most free apps are plagued with irrelevant ads that you try to ignore. What if the ads were on your favorite hobby or your favorite restaurant?  You might not try so hard to tune them out. This targeted advertising model gives developers a larger hit and click ratio earning them some big bucks while giving users relevant ads.

One developer success story comes from Android app developer Moonbeam who has a number of free apps in the Android Market. They consistanly earn a revenue in excess of $6,000.00 a month and can achieve $10.00+ in a single click/sale.

“We’ve made more money with Pontiflex Appleads than with any other mobile advertising solution” said Richard Harris, CEO of Moonbeam Development.
No matter what you say, ads in apps are a must for many app developers.  I wouldn’t mind relevant ads when I already tolerate the irrelevant ones.  What is your view on the future of targeted advertising?