HTC Legend Now Officially Supported By CyanogenMod


Good news folks, you don’t have to rely on vague, fly-by-night ROM makers anymore, because a couple of months ago, CyanogenMod has added the HTC Legend to their officially supported devices list. We know the news isn’t necessarily breaking to a lot of you, but with the continuous Android adoption and growing rooting community, we felt obligated to tell you guys.   This means your custom ROM is now a stable and extensively tested ROM, instead of the unstable ROMs found all over sites like XDA. Yes, a lot of those do work, but you won’t get the support CyanogenMod offers you. And best of all, you’re getting Froyo!

The install guide is over here, it’s just way to simple. You download the .zip, unzip it and let the ROMManager do the dirty work. Quite simple, right? Please let us hear how you think about it, and we’ll try to get our hands on one of these little (modified) babies as soon as possible.