Navigon GPS Software Price Dives on Black Friday

We all love Google Maps, and the wonderful free things we get from it, but let’s be honest – it’s not always the most accurate. Haunted by the Beta tag, we trudge on in hopes that it will one day be perfect. For some, it’s worse, nigh unusable. Solutions have come and gone, but really it’s the standalone GPS guys who have come to my rescue time and again. Standalone guys like the team at Navigon. It’s not cheap, in fact these are some of the most expensive apps in the Market. At $59.99, however, it’s still a whole lot better than paying for and then carrying around a separate GPS unit. In the spirit of the most insane shopping day in the US, Navigon has announced special pricing in the Android Market on Black Friday!

MobileNavigator, Navigon’s app for Android and iOS provides a few key features that come from the experience of being a GPS company. They store the maps on the phone, utilize the GPS receiver instead of hybridizing the connection between the GPS and the Cell towers, and they bring with them a host of features from their award-winning GPS line. Live traffic updates, traffic cam access, and a few more. The app will be $39.99 all day Black Friday, so grab it while it’s cheap(er)!

  • Alexandre

    Why bother buying a GPS software when you have Waze that’s free and the best that has been created?
    Waze is the only GPS who relies on users. Since it’s cross platform every person driving will give the system info about the traffics and if there is traffic Waze you calculate the route so you won’t be stuck in traffic.

    • hazydave

      I tried Waze. It was terribly unstable. Gave up on it.

  • Mike aka MonolithTMA

    Sadly it doesn’t show up in the Android Market on my LG Optimus S. My Dad has it for his HTC Incredible and loves it.

    Thanks for the tip about Waze, Alexandre, I’ll check it out.

  • Because Waze requires an internet connection, and that’s not always available, especially if you have an AT&T product. 🙂 I absolutely love Waze. Waze rocks (even though it keeps crashing D’oh!)

  • Davest

    Anyone know what sort of footprint this app has? I bought Co Pilot, but it took up about 30MB…not even close.

  • ozzzy3z

    CoPilot USA is on sale for $2.99 this week. I bought it and it’s great. A much more cost effective alternative.

    • Yellow Pinkie

      Alas, not in the UK, still full price.

  • JJ

    Navigon’s Mobilenavigator has been missing from the Android market for a couple of weeks now.

    Navigon Customer Service told me to contact Android Market. Android market has yet to respond to my posts/emails.