Skyfire 3.0 add the Facebook social layer to browsing.

Skyfire has been around for a little bit now. When I first used it, it felt like a second-rate browser. Skyfire emerged around the same time I was exploring Dolphin Browser HD and Opera Mini, and was really just noise. Noise that allowed me to watch Flash videos on certain sites, and that made it cool. Skyfire grew on Android until they were ready to blitz past the scathing, snide remarks of the iPhone fanboys at Engadget and Gizmodo to cause quite a sensation on two platforms. That’s a pretty serious achievement already, but it’s clear that the team at Skyfire doesn’t plan on slowing down with their 3.0 update!

I was wrong about Skyfire the first time, and I wasn’t willing to repeat the mistake. Skyfire 3.0 adds a layer of social interaction with Facebook Connect. In browser Facebook Feed access is quick and easy to use. The Facebook layer allows you to plug in your Facebook to many aspects of the browsing service. You can be on a website, reading an article and “like” the article, sharing it with your friends on Facebook.

Got a great video? You can share anything that’s playable in the Skyfire converter with your Facebook friends. Facebook not really do it for you? Yeah, me either, which is ok. Skyfire still loves you enough to include you in “OneTouch Search”, which allows you to search for anything using Google, Facebook, Twitter, VideoSurf, Amazon, Digg, and more as your database.

Give Skyfire 3.0 a look. It’s a solid, fast browser with a ton of features that are the first step towards bringing the social experience into the mobile web. From the first time you open Skyfire, their UX team has done everything they could think of to both set themselves apart, and make the app comfortable to use. It’s free in the Android Market, so go nuts!

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  1. @thebrownwelsh
    November 23, 22:35 Reply

    I hope I’m not gonna sound too uppity, but it kind of annoys me that ppl forget how successful a beta Skyfire was on older operating systems such as Windows mobile.

    It didn’t just come about recently, but it is an amazing browser alternative.

    Mjus sayin..

  2. TareX
    November 24, 08:25 Reply

    I saw their video preview and I love it… it’s built upon Froyo’s browser which means it’s fast too… But it lacks:

    1) Opera’s turbo – saves on data for people like me on a 500mb data cap
    2) Giongerbread’s tabbed browsing – confirmed by Acer to be coming with Gingerbread (and already present on Dolphin)

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