Slice It! Comes to Android via GetJar Exclusive

Popular iPhone game Slice It! has come to Android and it’s yet another GetJar exclusive title.  The developers, Com2us, follow on the heels of Rovio (Angry Birds), Gameloft, and Glu in choosing the open application store for distribution of their mind-warping puzzle game.  As is the case with these previous exclusive game releases, Slice It! is free to download and play. And before you ask, yes, this is the full version.

Slice It! is one of those games that will grow on you to the point you’re seeing it played out in your head, even when your phone is nowhere to be found.  Addiction is the first word that comes to mind.  This, much like Fruit Ninja and DoodleJump, make for great tablet gaming.  If you have a Galaxy Tab, you’ll need to grab Slice It! immediately.  If you don’t have an Android tablet, you really need to talk to the fat man in the red suit.

Yeah, this is an iPhone video, but you’ll get the point.

Look for Slice It! on GetJar’s site and on your Android handset now!

Fun fact: GetJar’s Android downloads are up 500% from April of this year.

  • Greg

    Doesn’t seem to be available for EVO? How is that possible running the latest version of Android???

    • Greg

      Actually, seems to work download the apk and installing. Didn’t work sending via text for EVO.

  • Come on guys, you could’ve have linked to the download page! Help us use the chrome/fox to phone addon.

  • David

    Where’s the link?

    Get the basics right please.

  • Jor

    Wtf the original droid isn’t supported?!

  • ItsMe

    not on the android market via EVO. WTF!

  • Student Driver

    I wish these companies would either give up using GetJar (the mobile site will not list this game, but the full site does even for the same phone) or someone take over GetJar and fix the damn thing.

    Also, all the self-linking to the blog rather than just putting out a link to GetJar is lame. No source link? Seems more like a lame attempt to drive up click-traffic. Bummer.

  • ItsMe
  • GetJar is terrible; “doesn’t recognize” Nexus One (may not be working) (from a Phandroid commenter)

  • Hey all,

    The roll out is complete for Slice It! To keep addresses short and tweetable we always exclude “www.” from the GetJar AppIt! link. BTW, this link is cool for developers in that GetJar does device detection for over 2370 types of mobile devices.

    The AppIt! link for Slice It is:

    I downloaded it on my EVO and its working great. Slice It is only for Android 2.0 and higher.

    Here’s my blog post showing all the Android 2.0+ devices GetJar will serve it on (Trivia fans, I count 83):

    Happy Thanksgiving All! Always appreciate!
    More Android exclusives from GetJar are coming!

    [email protected]