Looking Back at This Year’s Android Turkeys

On the latest AndroidGuys podcast we started discussing who we thought this year’s biggest Android turkeys were.  You know, in honor of Thanksgiving and all.  It was interesting to see who each of us thought were, to be kind, not the best representations of Android.  Here’s a short list of things that came up that we feel compelled to share with you guys. These are in no particular order, and, in no way, comprehensive.  As much as it pains us to admit it, we know there is more out there.

  • AT&T – The carrier has been slowly releasing outdated devices with no real appeal.  The best phone they have is the “me too” Captivate.
  • Camangi Webstation – The Android 1.5 “tablet” was dead the second it arrived.  Nearly a year later, this $275 unit collects dust in warehouses.
  • Sony Ericsson – Inspiring hardware held back by antiquated software.  Only one Android device to be found in the US, and it’s on AT&T no less.
  • Early MOTOBLUR handsets – Getting Android 2.1 in time for the holidays just doesn’t do it for us.  We’re already looking at Honeycomb.
  • Motorola Backflip – Seriously, try to debate this one.
  • Augen Tablet – The 7-inch tablet that went viral one day and back to Kmart the next.

What would you say is the biggest Android-related turkey of 2010?  We’d love to hear your take on the subject.  Leave your comments below and share your thoughts!

  • Andrew Gomez

    Definitely that Augen Tablet. Possibly the Backflip.

  • Mostly I wanted to comment about the cool Android Turkey image that is just perfect. other then that I would have to agree AT&T is the biggest turkey not doing more to embrace Android in it’s fullest. Maybe when they lose the IPhone exclusivity they will do more with Android

  • jeff

    The biggest Android Turkey of the year is Google, for teasing us with GB and not releasing it. Also, for not assuring us that there will always be a pure Android phone for us to play with after the N1. And for not improving the screen keyboard. Actually, for generally screwing around when they should have been working on making Android as sophisticated and smooth as iOS.

  • bazza

    The nexus one for sure. Left in the dust by countless successors. It wasn’t capitalized as it should have, birthed and abandoned by Google until cries from users were loud enough. Only consolation is the first bite of every confection they release.

    Nexus 2 is pointless, just same old with baked in biscuit and new design. A 2ghz processor and 32GB internal storage would pique my interest.

  • Todd

    I’d have to say the Viewsonic G Tablet. This is a brand name that should know better than to release crap. But two webpages in and the thing needed a reboot. And after rebooting, it forgot the password for the wi-fi router.

    Not a turkey: Galaxy Tab!

  • wow! Things going well!

  • Any tablet that has one (or, more likely, more) of the following:

    1. Resistive touchscreen
    2. 30-pin dock port instead of USB
    3. 1.6 rather than 2.1
    4. Less than 3 hardware buttons (Home, Back, Power)

  • Martin

    The biggest turkey:

    The marketing of the Nexus One.

    It still holds it’s own on the hardware stakes, especially here in the UK. It’s the only phone that I’ve owned for nearly a year and struggled to replace because there is just nothing out there that is so much better.

    If Google hadn’t used it as their little experiment, it could have been a top seller, especially when modders and general users are crying out for prompt updates.

  • Bob

    Motorola’s encrypted bootloaders which ensure that every device will eventually become abandonware.

  • Kris Ostrander

    What about the Moto charm, wth was that anyway.

  • Motoblur – now and forever

  • Foxconn had refuted the allegations that the company establish production lines in factories in Chengdu IPAD, but players said that Foxconn related component has already begun shipping iPads

    • wapkaplit

      That would be Foxconns Android IPAD I assume?

  • saltorio

    As an X10 owner, it’s hard not to say Sony Ericsson for their completely baffling Android decisions (thank god for the developers over at XDA).

    However, thinking honestly about it, I’d have to say the biggest Android turkey of 2010 are all the tablets that have completely failed.

  • ayg

    The Turkey of the Year award should go to Dell for releasing the Streak with Android 1.6 and then restricting it to AT&T’s 3G frequencies. A HSPA+ unit on Tmobile could have stole the hearts of Android nerds everywhere. Instead its locked to a network who likes Blackberry users more than its Android users.

    Forward thinking from the folks in Round Rock!

  • James

    Galaxy S and Samsung. We are already staring at Honeycomb and they still can’t get froyo out the door. GPS that will get you within a mile of where you might be going, and for RFS. Really putting a journal on top of vfat? Then when the whole world is starting to beat a path to your Android fueled door. Go Win7 mobile, the OS no one wants.

  • GT


    1) Android phones that are garbage (except Captivate)
    2) No sideloading of apps
    3) Thinking they don’t need Android because they have the iPhone

    • GT

      Forget about Motorola.

      Who is still stuck on 1.5?

  • CliqXTH8R

    What about Motorola’s Cliq XT? Although it is a good phone (gotta give credit where due), they are STILL on Android 1.5, which is just inexcusable. Even the one before it, the Cliq, got upgraded to 2.1 (although I think they are having probs), so maybe that is why Motorola is holding off for the Cliq XT?? No one knows…maybe they are ramping up for the forthcoming , which at first I though was a joke…alas, no. 🙁