Samsung Stealth V Passes DLNA Certification, a Fascinate Successor?

Samsung proves yet again that they really can’t keep some things secret. This time it’s another Android phone, the SCH-i510, codenamed “Stealth V”.

Nothing stealthy about this device, it’s bringing brutal facts with it. As the phone passed the DLNA certification,  it brought some decent details with it. It’s packed with Froyo, a 4.3″ WVGA AMOLED screen and an 8MP camera. We know nothing about the internals yet, save for the fact that it’s a CDMA device. The title says it’s a Samsung Fascinate successor, and, it certainly appears that way.

Juicy say I, what say you?

Source: Unwired View

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  1. Elvis
    November 26, 14:59 Reply

    Why do they keep skipping out on the super AMOLED screens? 😕

    • theweakend
      November 26, 15:22 Reply

      Lack of supply it’s still a fairly new tech and they supply can’t met the demand.

  2. Mike
    November 26, 19:03 Reply

    can’t they just give the fascinate froyo?? why make a whole new device? . well yeah moneys…
    dlna is neat though. like, real neat.

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