Night of the Living Dead? No Wait, it’s Just Google TV…Or Is It?

It looks like there is at least one zombie for sale this holiday season, and I don’t mean walking dead figurines. After Tech Crunch posted this article declaring GoogleTV was DOA (Dead on Arrival) I was surprised shocked to see nearly every android related site simply rehash the same sentiment. Almost nobody rebutted! It seemed at least to me that nobody even gave it any thought. Tech Crunch posted it and it was on the Internet so it must be fact right?

It couldn’t be that we are in the middle of the busiest shopping season of the year? It couldn’t be that Sony builds margin into their products allowing for discount specials? It couldn’t be that maybe, and I know this is a long shot, but maybe this product  in its infancy hit the shelves priced a bit too high for demand and a simple mark down might spur adoption? Nope none of that could be the case. The product failed! Get them off the shelves before they turn brown and stink like a rotten apple!  (I hope you are noting my sarcasm here, not sure I can make it more apparent)

Oh but wait what do we have HERE? Yup that’s right it was a sale of all Sony GoogleTV products. No big conspiracy. No end of a product that is not even out of infancy. A simple sale.

But lets get real for a second. “GoogleTV is dead” makes for a much catchier headline than “GoogleTV put on sale during the busiest shopping weekend of the year just like every other product under the stars”. I mean really who would read that second article? So it looks like GoogleTV has risen from the dead, its pricing is going back up. It is not being taken from shelves and burned in some dark alley. Nobody has even considered all the new GoogleTV products that will be announced at CES. Maybe we should be concerned about a zombie horde of GoogleTVs at CES? I think the real question is will you be buying the zombie known as GoogleTV this holiday?

  • Lank

    1.) Considering the number of alternatives out there, I say that this is pretty valid. Google TV came later to the game than many of the alternatives, including the ones without the great brand equity that Google Brings to the table.
    2.) It’s overly-ambitious. I think the value of apps on the TV was grossly overestimated. Many people could care less about living room internet browsing. Most people want video streaming and nothing else.
    3.) It’s too pricy. You pay for all these supposed extras, when in reality, all that people want is a Roku box…or an Apple TV…both of which are cheaper than most (all?) Google TV devices.

    If there’s a future in Google TV it’s in DVR. Tivo just pissed off a lot of people, and google has the power to acquire a company that could manufacture a DVR box and load it with google TV. DVR will set it apart from competitors (although some provide a certain degree of HDD storage for capturing video).

    YES Google entering the DVR realm will have kinks and lawsuits to be worked out. Kinks include not being able to record Hulu and other services (sucks, but it will happen), and figuring out what sort of method of programming guide will be used (i.e. will it be a TV tuner box, or will it be an external guide set to record at a specific time, just make sure your tuner box is set too).

    And everyone will come out of the woodwork suing them – advertising people, studios, distributors, obscure patent holders…

    But if a “google tv” concept is to survive, this is the direction it needs to go.

  • I have no doubt that there will be hordes or Google TV products at CES ..but that being said..If when demoers are asked about content and they still dont have any network or cable channels content..I think its a long way from being a success.

    • Russell Holly

      This is a broken concept. What cable channel content are you looking for? Are you talking about the flash videos on their websites?

  • Jordan

    I think its funny how quick people jump to judge technology. I just don’t get why people have to be so brutal in the news of anything really – technology, celebrities, politics. Everything is so absolute and determined and everyone on the outside tries to be experts. We just need to give products time, especially new products. Otherwise whats really the point of being interested if you are just going to be negative over small blips in the big picture.

    Basically, everyone needs to calm down, stop trying to horrifically destroy the competition, and instead work with it, else there’s no need to push the limits and that’s what we want.

    Great article Aaron! I love seeing smart and informed rebuttles to ignorant people’s dumb remarks. Keep them coming!

    • bazza

      Just like the fairness given to WP7 given in a recent article, hmm?

      I agree with you but blind hate goes both ways.

      I appreciate tech from any company that’s why my desire can live happily with my hd7.

  • The_Omega_Man

    “It is Aaaalive!”

    Thanks Aaron for being a voice of reason in this crap-storm of blog nonsense!

  • Joost

    Thanks for rebutting Aaron.

    I think GoogleTV might be a nice thing and I’d hate to see it being put down by some bloggers, before it even has a chance to prove itself.

    Ofcourse I selfishly hope for a full XBMC app to surface on googletv..
    And I love to see Apple being pushed to offer a better appletv box..
    Competition breeds excellence

  • Thanks for standing out from the crowd of doomsayers.

    GoogleTV needs more entertainment sponsors in addition to just streaming movies to support there ambition here.

    Regardless, I still don’t feel like I’m getting “stuck” when I can research the internet while watching a 46″ LED LCD HDTV Sony TV.

    Google will not just “drop” Internet TV. It can only get better.


  • Marvin R

    GTV 2.0 GTV / blu ray / DVR (1TB)

    I’ll buy it & put my 1.0 in the bed room!

  • Darkseider

    It’s only a matter of time before the networks cave and allow access to their streaming media. It is ridiculous that they are blocking it in the first place. I can just as easily get a $200 nettop with a nVidia ION 2 GPU and make it a media center PC and their content will play just fine based on the Flash string that is used. Yes it is ridiculous. Yes the networks need to start failing and only then will they eventually adapt to the new marketplace and adopt and accept new delivery technologies.

  • I picked up Sony’s bluray/GoogleTV box a couple of weeks ago and am extremely happy with it. I look forward to being able to put apps from the marketplace on it but for now it does everything I could want it to do and does them well.

  • Dan

    I am looking forward to picking one up as soon as they hit the shelves of Oz. I cant wait to have android on my TV for browsing whats on, streaming and controlling the whole thing via my phone. Hope they arrive here before christmas!

  • smittycg

    they said the same things about the G1, ” not ready for prime time, ugly” exct