AT&T Facebook Page Accidentally Outs Motorola Olympus with Possible December Release

AT&T’s Share Facebook page has accidentally spilled the beans on when to expect their forthcoming Motorola Olympus.  The Tegra 2-powered handset had not been pegged with a release date but many had predicted an early 2011 launch.  Thanks to a quick screen grab by one of BGR’s readers, AT&T had unofficially listed the phone as being available in either December or January.  We say “had” because the carrier has since removed the response and issued a generic sounding statement that reads like backtracking.

Boy, it sure would be nice to see see this phone arrive by the end of 2010, wouldn’t it?  We all know that AT&T could definitely use the high-end phone in their Android lineup, however, we’re probably still looking at a January announcement.  CES 2011 is a little over a month away where all the industry players are expected to pull out the big guns for the first quarter and beyond.

  • Is Motorola worried about cannibalizing sales on their current AT&T Android lineup?

    if that’s the case, they have nothing to worry about. When you put out
    crap Android devices (or crap devices in general of any OS) it tends to
    not work out too well. Backflip, Charm, is there anything with 1 Ghz
    from Moto on AT&T?

    Just give people who love Android on
    AT&T something to brag to their friends about. I think most can
    agree that the best Android devices are between:
    Maybe G2? I haven’t gotten to play with one… and there’s virtually no T-Mobile presence in my area so I can’t really comment.

    seriously, AWESOME Android phones have been out for-EVER, and you can’t
    give ONE little clue to satisfy those who actually stayed with
    AT&T? I say this because I left AT&T for the EVO since I gave up
    hope that AT&T would embrace Android seriously.