FCC Leaks Creative ZiiO Android Tablet

What would we do without the FCC? They’ve given us a plethora of leaks over the years. Surprise surprise, they’ve done it again. This time it’s Creative’s ZiiO Android tablet. This thing is running Android 2.1 with a 7-inch, 480×800 resistive touch screen, microSD card support up to 32GB, and a front-facing VGA camera. The ZiiO also has the standard Android specs: WiFi and Bluetooth. It’ll come in 2 different versions, one with 8GB of internal storage, and the other with 16GB. It’s also said to be running a ZiiLABS HD processor, made by Creative. We have no specs to indicate how this CPU compares to others, such as the Hummingbird chip found in some Samsung devices.

I don’t know about you, but I lost interest after “resistive touch screen”. Most manufacturers have seen that resistive touch screens are on their way out. Capacitive is the way to go, and Creative needs to see this and implement it into any future devices. No word on a launch date, but the ZiiO is set to sell from about $315 for the 8GB model to around $350 for the 16GB version. Not too bad, but the resistive screen may make this tablet a bust.  More as it comes out.

Source: WirelessGoodness

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  1. Vasya
    November 29, 12:31 Reply

    with Gingerbread on it’s way I’m waiting to see how many of these “new’ tablets are compatible with Honeycomb, let along gingerbread :) Not that I need one, but I’d only switch my N1 for a slick shaped Honeycomb powerhouse with 4.3″ super LED screen

  2. Chris
    November 29, 16:42 Reply

    “Most manufacturers have seen that resistive touch screens are on their way out.”

    Not true. The new manufacturing specs from Stantum allows resistive touch screens to have multi touch and far better input sensitivity, possibly even better than capacitive and you can use almost any object such as your finger tips, fingernails or even a paint brush and the input still works.

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