KDDI Enlists Lady Gaga to Promote Latest Android Handset [VIDEO]

Japanese wireless provider KDDI is using Lady Gaga to promote one of their latest Android-based handsets. A pair of television clips for the Sharp IS03 have made their way online showing a bit more Gaga than Android, but that’s okay. We’ll take any publicity we can get. The Android 2.1-powered phone features e-wallet, infrared, and digital TV broadcasts as well as a 9.6 megapixel camera and 960×640-resolution 3.5-inch touchscreen. Do you guys think it matters having Lady Gaga promote a smart phone?  Would it affect your buying decisions if you saw this here in the United States?

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  • Monster

    Why do I feel like they didn’t get ANY permissions to use that video footage of Gaga???

    These video clips are directly from her concert interludes between set changes of her most recent tour.

    That aside, I think the phone is ugly regardless of Lady Gaga being all over it.