LG LU-3000 Launched, Worlds Fastest Android?

Nothing really exciting happened at KES2010, the Korean equivalent to the Consumer Electronics Show. Well, not entirely nothing. LG showed its newest device to the world, and boy it’s fast. In fact, this might be actually the fastest Android phone in the world. It’s somewhat unusual for LG to pack its phones with the newest versions of Android, but this little baby is running Froyo. To be clear, it still has that LG skin wrapped around it.

An early user compared the start-up time of the basic Youtube app on three phones, the LG LU-3000, the Galaxy S and the iPhone 4. The results are clear – it’s bloody fast. And the other specs are quite alright as well:

  • Android 2.2
  • 3.8″ WVGA IPS display
  • Powered by an TI OMAP 3630 1GHz
  • 5MP camera with autofocus
  • HDMI out (1080p!)

Check out the video!

Source: Akihabara News


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  1. James
    November 29, 18:44 Reply

    I wonder if the gs had froyo on this test would this LG phone still be faster??

  2. Need A Phone
    November 29, 19:38 Reply

    looks impressive but at this point, my next phone will be dual core or nothing!

  3. Rovex
    November 29, 19:45 Reply

    Really though Youtube is very network dependant. Even if all 3 were on the same network its not a fair test since performance is pretty much random. Loading the app initially is all that can be compared here.

    Frankly i just tested my Streak running DJ Steves 1.4.5 Froyo build and it was faster than all 3 at loading the app, and playing a vid.

  4. maxnicks
    November 30, 12:51 Reply

    Poor crapple… R.I.P. Creepy Stevie.

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