Must.Eat.Birds Now Available in the Market

Your happily enjoying your cake at your picnic and you are attacked by flying birds trying to get the food. What do you do? Clone yourself and send in the clones to take care of them. That’s Must.Eat.Birds for you. It’s Mediatonic’s new release on Android. You can see gameplay footage below.

I guess the new cool thing is shooting birds out of a sling shots. Although completely different than the smash hit Angry Birds, something is very familiar about Must.Eat.Birds.


The game has an odd story line but features interesting and fun gameplay. It’s a combination of Breakout and Missile Command where you defend your food by shooting your bird up at the offending onslaught and score points for combo hits. Great animations and good gameplay make this game stand out. It’s too bad it wasn’t initially released on Android. Thanks to OpenFeint, now it is.

This is a quality game with good game mechanics. Must.Eat.Birds is now available on the Android Market for devices running Android 2.1 and above, for the low low price of $0.99. Is it worth a try?