Autodesk Releases SketchBook for Android 2.1 and Higher

Autodesk, Inc. has released two versions of their popular SketchBook Mobile app for Android handsets. The digital sketchpad allows users to draw with pens, pencils, markers, and airbrushes create professional looking pictures and paintings. Other details include dynamic resizing, color wheel, layers, and drawing symmetry.

Both the free version (SketchBook Express) and the paid version (SketchBook Mobile) require Android 2.1 or higher and recommend at least 1GHz processors and 512MB RAM for best performance. Looking at the press release, Autodesk says the premium flavor runs $2.99 however when we checked the Market, we see it listed at 99¢ instead. Having not installed both editions, I can only assume the difference is ads tossed in for the free model.

In a related note, Autodesk has named finalist “heros” as part of their Autodesk Sketchbook Hero Image contest. Voting is currently open and runs through December 14th with the winning submission getting announced on December 20th.

  • Joe

    Just tried the free version.
    Awesome app. Makes so much fun to draw with it.

    Some infos on the paid version:
    – save work in progress
    – export PSD, PNG, JPEG
    – 40 extra brushes
    – customize brushes
    – up to 6 layers
    * layer duplicate
    * layer blending
    * transform tool for move, rotate and scale
    – larger canvas size: 1024px high

    Thanks for the news!

  • ME

    Thanks for the nice write up Joe, I will try the free ver and test it out

  • Widjit

    Now when are they going to make an autocad app…

  • Sappy

    It is an app of beauty.

  • ClintonRH

    Needs to be able to be moved to SD. Otherwise a really great program that really shows what a program is capable of when the interface is really designed for fingertip input and the form factor.

  • Eikonikos

    Hi, I use Android 2.2 ,  1GHz  ARM processor and 512MB RAM. However this app Sketchbook Express does not run on my tablet. First appears a quick tour in portrait view but not in Landscape, and, after that, a message appears: “SMB failed to load wait/quit “.
    I tap “wait”,however nothing happens. I see a white screen and I cannot draw.
    After a few seconds the message appears again:”SMB failed to load wait/quit ”
    So I tap “quit” and the app stops running.My dream is to draw on tablet but this app does not working.
    What should I do to make it run ok?
    here is a web page with my drawings
    I wish I could draw with tablet, can you help me? Thank you.