Gameloft Announces a Holiday Treat for All!

The Android community has a sort of love/hate relationship with Gameloft. We love their titles and we hate their constant refusal to add them to the Market, making us jump through hoops to get a game from them. Still, they have really great games, so they aren’t going anywhere. In fact, they want to give us some presents. From now until Christmas, Gameloft is busting out the Advent Calendar.

The Calendar goes alongside their Twitter account (@gameloft) with the promise that ever day from the 1st to the 24th there will be some goodies on their Twitter for everyone. There’s no contests–just pay attention to the account, and reap the benefits. Also, take a look at the calendar itself. There are some treats in specific days on the calendar. See the Gingerbread man in pocket 20? Maybe Gameloft knows something we don’t, hmm? Idle speculation, but fun anyways. Be sure to follow them on Twitter and have fun!

Source: Gameloft Blog

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  • Donovan

    That Gingerbread man is pretty damning evidence, if you ask me. They wouldn’t just throw a Gingerbread man around willy nilly, knowing that the 2.3 release is imminent.

    Would they?

  • chris

    unless gingerbread came out before hand and they are releasing a gingerbread-specific game on that day

    or they are announcing a gingerbread-specific game on that day and gingerbread is coming out afterwards

    either day, schmidt said “next few weeks”. unless his definition of “few” is > 6 then we should see it soon, assuming nothing goes wrong between now and then