GSM Israel Plays Seven Minutes of Heaven with LG Star

One of the hottest, most talked about Android handsets on the radar today is the LG Star.  The not-yet-announced LGP990 features a Tegra 2 processor, an 8 megapixel camera, and HDMI output among other things.  We’ve seen a handful of images  arrive lately but nothing teases folks better than moving pictures.  The lucky folks at GSM Israel were privileged enough to get their hands on a Star and only too kind to film it for us.  Hit the jump below to see seven minutes of their hands-on time with the hotly anticipated smart phone!

Although the Star is seen sporting Froyo (2.2) in pictures and video, we’re expecting to see it launch with Gingerbread when it debuts in 2011.  So who is ready to set aside a little cash for this one?

Via: AndroidAndMe

  • Looks nice but WOW did LG rip off touchwiz. I mean I know how much you hate Samsung LG but the least you could do is copy HTC Sense or make the phone AOSP. Oh well Verizon will add Bing and the fail should be complete. At least they didn’t copy Blur.

  • Elvis

    Haha ya that was the first thing I noticed, the touchwhiz similarities, it looks REALLY fast which is exciting, any idea what network?

    • Yeah, it was spotted with Verizon branding about a month ago. But they obviously have a gsm version with it being on gsm Israel. Hopefully they copy Samsung with their distribution model and release it on all major US carriers.