Sony Ericsson Blames AT&T’s “Especially Rigorous” Testing for 2.1 Delay


The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 is seeing its Android 2.1 update roll out across the world, hitting various carriers and countries right now.  A common question we hear from our followers and readers is whether or not the AT&T version is going to see Eclair anytime soon.  According to Sony Ericsson, that might not happen in the short term.  What’s the hold up?  The blame for the delay, as SE sees it, falls at AT&T‘s feet.  

…Unfortunately, we have no control of that timeline factor. Those requirements are provided to us and we work hard to meet and test them as quickly as we can. In the U.S., the testing process is especially rigorous, and can take months to complete, which is why we cannot announce the timing for availability of the X10 update in the U.S. …

The scary part of this statement is where it says it “can take months” to complete.  Are they saying it might be a few more months before AT&T rolls it out?  We could be at Gingerbread and Honeycomb phones by then!

What’s your take on this?  We know AT&T hasn’t been the best carrier when it comes to Android, but Sony Ericsson has also been behind the pack since the phone debuted.  Who do you think should fall on the sword here?

  • saltorio

    Why the two-week old news?

    Frankly, I think this is somewhat B.S. If SE had gotten 2.1 out in a reasonable amount of time (ie: shortly after the March release of the X10) people would be less pissed about this (and AT&T would’ve gotten 2.1 from the get-go).

  • I think SE could probably have pushed a little harder, but the major blame falls on AT&T. Since the Cingular/AT&T merger there has been little to praise AT&T for. The tests are too rigorous for a phone that we’re all going to replace in a year anyway. AT&T is known for being behind the times, and this is clearly a continuation of that pattern.

  • SMV

    I think SE doesn’t have resource to perform the test cycles….. The same test cycles Apple has to go and they outperform …. There roll outs are faster … They know how to keep in compete and keep the customer happy.

  • maikuljae

    AT&T is so afraid someone will actually accomplish something on their network without paying the AT&T tax that they’re obsessive about locking down the phones. They seemingly don’t consider that Android needs function and security updates like any other complex operating system.

    Average users are beginning to root their devices, and move to cooked firmware, just to tighten security; and in the process finding increased functionality like tethering, FM radio circuits that work, accurate GPS, free texting, and free calls made over data services. Who knows? Maybe even smartphones that pretend to be feature phones, for those of us who may want a PDA/phone without an expensive data plan.

  • Casey Borders

    I think that SE needs some additional testing! The original release of the X10 was pretty overwhelmed with bugs. If AT&T is forcing them to go through testing they should be thanking them! But there is absolutely no reason that 2.1 should not have been released before now! 2.2 is the standard and 2.3 is very near on the horizon. SE has lost my custom. Never again will I buy a SE device.

  • Mark T

    It could also be that ATT needs to test the extensive amount of bloatware that they add to their phones. I fail to see why a set of standards that the handset manufacturers have to meet are not accepted by the North American GSM carriers. GSM is meant to and does interchange around the world, except on ATT – where they have special requirements, such as manufacturer kickbacks (incentives) for their phones to be sold in the carrier stores.

    I just want ATT to carry my signal, not get involved in the rest of the garbage, I want to purchase my phone from a independent store, drop the SIM in and go. I don’t need the rest of the bloatware, inertia etc.

  • Martin

    SE sucked with the roll out of this phone not providing time lines for the release of the phone in the US but I think the update is AT& T’s fault. What’s the difference between the update in Europe with the US? Not much. When I got my phone it was full of bloatware and apps that wont let me delete. This is what AT & T is doing to the update, making sure they have their bloatware installed. AT & T has managed to ruin the Iphone now this… how could it be anyone else’s fault?

  • I can’t know what’s the the main reason that they must to hold the update and won’t release to us ? When almost users in Europe got it, Sony Ericsson has just done it and there’s nothing with us.

  • Dave

    Testing by At&T means finding a way to push its crap apps. Since the Canadian Rogers version already has 2.1, I don’t see any reason why there is such a delay with the AT&T version. Both companies use the same GSM and 3G bands.

    AT&T thinks that consumers are stupid. NOT. As the latest consumer report survey show, AT&T is only holding to its no. 2 status because of the Iphone. And we all know how much easier it is to jailbreak an Iphone. Once the Iphone is available to other carriers, what is there left for AT&T. They already alienated the Android crowd. Windows 7?

  • Sean

    Yeah, AT&T’s “testing” is really just “inserting our crapware and locks into the ROM”. Part of why I cam VERY close to going WP7 this cycle was MS putting the smack down on making AT&T’s crap removable out of the box. It’s ironic that Android’s openness makes it easier for AT&T to screw it up.

  • Chris

    SE should have been well aware of AT&T’s testing requirements. So, unless AT&T changed the requirements mid-development, the blame lies with SE.

  • kokopelli808

    I didby feel like waiting for att so I flashed/debranded my phone for 13, which updated it to 2.1. My battery runs longer and I got liveview from ebay. Now my xperia is an iphone killer. B-)