Verizon Schedules Conference for December 1 to Detail 4G LTE Network Launch

If you have been watching television over the last few days, you may have seen the commercial (After the break) teasing the new 4G LTE network from Verizon.  As much excitement as the ad might generate, we don’t know how the network will roll out, nor when.  What markets will see 4G from Verizon first?

Verizon looks to set the table for us as soon as tomorrow, December 1st.  The nation’s largest carrier has scheduled a press conference for 12:00 noon EST where Tony Melone, Senior VP and CTO, will detail the 4G LTE network launch.  For a hint of things to come, we are told Verizon will launch the “world’s largest 4G LTE network in 38 major metropolitan areas, covering more than 110 million Americans” before 2010 ends.

Any guesses as to which markets will be first out of the gate.

  • Elvis

    My market 🙂 there’s gotta be SOME advantages to living in silicon valley :/

  • Bob Lafon

    Folks, I don’t know what the mystery is all about in this article. The 38 cities which will be part of the initial launch has been on for weeks now.

  • little more expensive but you get what you pay for