Winamp Brings WiFi Sync to Android!

It seems like just yesterday people were complaining that Android’s music systems were lacking in features, and needed a boost to compete.  No, wait, that probably was yesterday. Most every day, I see, hear, or read about problems with the Android music system either on forums or in person. It’s a big deal for a lot of people, as well it should be.  Gingerbread promises to bring some significant aesthetic improvements (hopefully to the media player), but we know that you want it now! Winamp understands this so they’ve released the latest version of the Android application, adding on WiFi sync support.

What’s WiFi sync, you ask? Let’s assume you are one of the over 500,000 users who have already downloaded the Winamp app, and are among the 60 million desktop Winamp users.  The WiFi sync feature lets users synchronize their music collection between desktop and phone application.  Over the air, without any messy cables or phone SD card mounting.  Just a username and password combo of your choice.  Create playlists, stream Shoutcast, and more with your phone and desktop with a simple press of the sync button. Pretty cool, huh?

Winamp is still free, and, according to AOL, there are no plans to change that anytime soon.   If you haven’t done so already, grab Winamp from the Market and get syncing!

  • david

    Except for us Ubuntu users..Let’s see Android is UNIX based yet only WINAMP application is only windows, what are they missing…

    • IMO, theres better exclusive media players for linux than there are for any other systems (besides Zune, probably my favorite of all time)

  • Matt

    David makes a good point- has anyone tried winamp on the Droid Incredible?

  • Tim

    Winamp actually supported WiFi sync since its first ever release…

  • Dan

    And as far as I can see you cant set a directory on your SD card for the music to copy into so it all gets dumped into the root. This is the real flaw with the sync at this stage imo

    •  Actually you can set the folder it transfers it to wirelessly. By default it puts music into a “music” folder on your SD card.