DoubleTwist Releases AirSync, Pouring Awesome Sauce All Over Your Device

We don’t need no stinkin’ wires!  That is what DoubleTwist is saying with the release of their new AirSync add-on for their Android app.  Before you read any farther, long story short, you can now sync music, videos and pictures to your Android device without a wire through DoubleTwist.  You need to stop reading this article (can’t believe I am saying this) and go search the Android market now for the DoubleTwist AirSync app.  The reason being that the add-on is only $.99 for the first 10,000 people to download it.  After which, it will go up to $4.99.  Go now.  The rest of the article is waiting for you after the break.

The AirSync app works over you wifi network (of course), allowing you to “tether” your device to your DoubleTwist installation on either your Mac or PC using a numerical code like when you connect a bluetooth device.  The connection process is super simple, and “just works”.  After installing, it was a matter of dragging and dropping an album onto my device that was listed on my PC DoubleTwist software to get it to sideload the music.

The release of this functionality is pretty exciting, and while they are not the first out of the gate as Winamp released this functionality the other day, I can say after using both that DoubleTwist executes it better.  (and I can use it on my Mac, where Winamp, well, ignores me).  A life truly without wires is where we are heading, and this is another step in that process.  Let us know how it works for you in the comments.

Source: TechCrunch

  • David Stephenson

    So far I’ve only been able to get it to sync once. More often then not doubletwist on the desktop dosn’t find the phone and the ‘start a newtwok scan’ button is grayed out and dosn’t work. Does anyone know if there are windows services that need to be started or specific network or system requirements that are needed to get Airsync to work. I didn’t see anything on the Doubletwist site.

    • Time Traveller

      I had trouble at first and then went to the doubletwist forums to learn that you need to make the Doubletwist desktop application an exception through your firewall. You also have to delete some database files. check it out here.

  • Nick

    Yeah, it looks pretty. That’s about it. Honestly, Double Twist is crap software for media on Windows. Maybe it’s different on a Mac, but I’ve only had issues with it’s crapware.

    I’ll stick with Winamp, which is fast, works and doesn’t run like a dead dog underwater.

  • ian

    This is NOT Awesome. I bought it thinking this would be the perfect solution. Too bad they didn’t make the app work correctly with the Incredible. You can’t use the phones internal memory 8 GB to sync! How could the programmers miss this one on one of the most popular droid phones on the most popular network.

    • Support for internal memory is coming soon.

  • Scmo

    I bought this and was disappointed it never connected. My winamp app works fine plus its free and it will work with your itunes as well. So I uninstalled this app.

  • I don’t know what is wrong with you guys, but this works amazingly on Windows 7 with a Droid X. I can’t believe how good it works really.

  • Bill Hansen

    The whole DoubleTwist adventure has been a huge disappointment and a gigantic waste of time. The app simply doesn’t work, and apparently there’s no help and no tech support available. The “tutorial” videos are nothing more than ads telling you what the app is supposed to do. Queries to a few different users’ groups have not brought useful answers (“your music must be copy protected”…. “what’s wrong with you”…. and so forth). I’m really surprised that there’s so much hype about an app which is of no use.